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“A**holes who clearly don’t like women, black people, or Playstation”: God of War Director David Scott Jaffe Defends Square Enix Game ‘Forspoken’ Against Thin-Skinned Racist Trolls

God of War Director David Scott Jaffe Defends Square Enix Game 'Forspoken' Against Thin-Skinned Racist Trolls

The new RPG Forspoken by Square Enix was finally released on 24th January, but the initial response to their ambitious project isn’t that great. The game has suffered through harsh criticisms for its gameplay and other aspects, but the original God of War director David Scott Jaffe has defended this new game.

Although some criticisms against the RPG seem valid, the game has also garnered some toxic hate and racist comments against its protagonist. In response, the God of War director didn’t shy away to call out the racist trolls and defend this new game.

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David Scott Jaffe
David Scott Jaffe

David Scott Jaffe defends Forspoken against the backlash

The new Square Enix game Forspoken has been bashed by the internet after its release, but the original God of War director David Scott Jaffe has come forward in defense of the new RPG. The director also didn’t shy away from sharing his perspective on the game and called out the racist trolls for their toxic behavior against the game.

David Scott Jaffe initially shared that he played the demo and found it enjoyable but wasn’t looking forward to spending $70 on the game. However, the director’s opinion was received with extreme backlash and Jaffe finally lost his cool and didn’t shy away to call out the trolls for their racist behavior against a video game character. He stated,

“Part of it is the good stuff I’m hearing from people who are playing it-and the fact I DID enjoy the demo, The other part is I want to buy it to spite the a–holes who don’t like women, black people, or PlayStation.”

Although David Scott Jaffe initially said that he isn’t looking forward to buying this game, after a heated argument against it on Twitter, the director is hellbent on buying the new RPG. He tweeted, “I’m inches from pulling the trigger on FORSPOKEN at $70.”

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Frey from Forspoken
Frey from Forspoken

Why is Forspoken being criticized?

Although Square Enix is popular for their Final Fantasy franchise, the news of them attempting an original game with the team of Final Fantasy XV behind, had the fans excited. But unfortunately Square Enix’s ambitious project Forspoken has been met with extreme criticism just after its release.

The game has garnered several criticisms, including its unsatisfying combat and occasional slowdowns, but the most prominent one seems to be the repeated and cringeworthy dialogues. One reviewer called it “Marvel Cinematic Universe on several different steroids”. 

The PlayStation 5 release of the game currently holds an underwhelming score of 68/100 on Metacritic with 66 reviews. Forbes’ Erik Kain summarized the game by saying, “It’s not fun, it’s not engaging, it looks terrible,” and Gamespot described it by stating,

“Forspoken is visually stimulating and a musical delight, but boring combat, poor characterization, and loose movement mechanics make for a mediocre experience.”

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Although David Scoff Jaffe would not entertain racist and misogynistic takes on the game, he admits that Forspoken deserves its fair share of criticism. He urged the players to decide for themselves whether they find it enjoyable or not.

Source: David Jaffe’s Twitter

Written by Santanu Roy

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