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“Do not touch my face”: ‘Ahsoka’ Star Rosario Dawson Panicked After She Hit Robert Downey Jr. in His Face

‘Ahsoka’ Star Rosario Dawson Panicked After She Hit Robert Downey Jr. in His Face

In the fast-paced world of Hollywood, unexpected encounters between stars can produce amusing and memorable anecdotes. One such incident took place when Rosario Dawson came quite literally face to face with Robert Downey Jr. 

In his extensive resume of well-received projects, Downey Jr. has collaborated with a variety of co-stars. He once became so enraged by one of his on-screen co-stars that he was unable to maintain his role in the film. Well, as the story goes, the Ahsoka actress’ unintentional (yet somewhat ingenious) punch landed right in the face of the Iron Man star.

Downey Jr. and Dawson were cast in the 2006 Dito Montiel film A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, which was adapted from Dito Montiel’s 2001 memoir of the same name. The movie follows the youth of Montiel as he grew up in Astoria, New York, in the 1980s. 

Rosario Dawson
Rosario Dawson

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Rosario Dawson’s Performance Enraged Robert Downey Jr.

The ensemble cast of A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints included Robert Downey Jr., Rosario Dawson, Shia LaBeouf, and Channing Tatum. In the movie, Downey Jr. played Dito Montiel and was instrumental in getting the movie made.

However, while they were filming a scene, Montiel encouraged the Ahsoka actress to be as aggressive as possible toward Downey Jr. The Iron Man star, however, may have become seriously hostile in response to the suggestion. Dawson once reflected on those filming days on the Rachael Ray Show:

“We have this one scene together on a roof and the director kept being like, ‘Really antagonise him!’ So I get into this scene and I knock him on his forehead and be like, ‘Oh, you just think you a man,’ or something like that. And his eyes, like, [he] broke character and he was like, ‘Do not touch my face.’ I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to get thrown off the roof right now’.”

In a Still from 'A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints'
In a Still from ‘A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints’

Similar to Downey Jr., Dawson has collaborated on projects with a variety of other actors over the course of her illustrious career. The Kids actress became aware of how much her co-stars’ acting onscreen could impact her performance. In an interview with DP/30, she recalled.


“I worked with this acting coach, years ago, Alan Savage, who said, ‘Why do you say this line in this script?’ And people would go, ‘Well, I have this thing, and they’ve done all this research. They’d go all into it. He’d go, ‘No, you said that line because of the line before it. That’s it’.”

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What Did Rosario Dawson Learn From Her Initial Struggling Days?

Rosario Dawson
Rosario Dawson

Since Rosario Dawson began her career in the entertainment business at the tender age of 15,  she has made significant waves in the sector. Her big break came when she was cast in the 1995 coming-of-age drama film Kids, following a fairly challenging upbringing. 

Dawson did not fully understand that acting was something she could pursue in the long run until she saw herself on screen during Kids’ official premiere. She once told Backstage after learning of her talent:

“I was really proud of [myself] because I knew I was a really nerdy, boring kid who was still very much a virgin and would be for several more years, but I really believed that I was this highly sexually promiscuous, wild street kid.”

 The actress, now 44, went on to say:

“I was able to take all of that information that I knew [about kids like that] and channel it into this character in a really convincing way.”

According to Dawson, she was able to turn the run-down building into an actual apartment during the initial tough times with the help of their neighbors. According to Mind Body Green (via Professional Woman’s Magazine), the actress disclosed:

“To see strangers helping other strangers, just showing up and giving, was so inspiring to me.”

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano in a still from Ahsoka
Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano in a still from Ahsoka

Well, she played Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian’s second season as well as The Book of Boba Fett. She also stars as the title character in the Disney+ original series Ahsoka

The eight episodes of Ahsoka began airing on August 22, 2023, and the final episode is set to air on October 3. You can stream it on Disney+. 

Meanwhile, you can stream A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints on Peacock Premium and Popcornflix. 

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