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After the fan-favorite Star Wars character Ahsoka Tano appeared in the Mandalorian Season 2, Lucasfilm just announced a live-action series. The Mandalorian Spin-Off series will see Rosario Dawson reprise the iconic role in a live-action adaptation. Ahsoka Tano has previously made appearances in The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.


As reported earlier on FandomWire, there were already talks of Ahsoka Tano returning for a solo Disney+ series. Rosario Dawson finally appeared as Ahsoka Tano in the fifth episode of The Mandalorian Season 2. Dawson’s appearance only added more fuel to the fire. It was all but confirmed Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano is getting her own series under the Star  Wars banner.


The news was announced during Disney’s Investor day 2020. Kathleen Kennedy, Lucasfilm President, confirmed the news yesterday. The show is reportedly set within the Mandalorian universe and timeline. What’s even more interesting is that Dave Filoni, who played a major role in Ahsoka Tano’s character development in the animated universe, will be serving as the Ahsoka Tano show’s creator and showrunner. Jon Favreau, the creator of The Mandalorian, is also joining in for the Ahsoka Tano series.

An official release date for the show is yet to be confirmed. But Disney did reveal the official logo for the Show.


Dawson To Come Back To The Mandalorian?

Now what we need to watch out for is whether Rosario Dawson returns to The Mandalorian Season 2. With her solo series in the works, it will be a strategic move to make the actor play the character in future episodes of the hit show. Her connection to Grogu and Din Djarin is seemingly done for. But she dropped a major bomb before apparently leaving the show for good – Grand Admiral Thrawn.

What It Means

Some claim Thrawn will be a part of the new series. There are also rumors of Ezra Bridger coming to the Mandalorian Season 2. he might be the one who will answer Grogu’s call. The show will be set and work in tandem with The Mandalorian timeline. So expect a few characters jumps from the Mandalorian into the Ahsoka Tano series.


Hopefully others popular rebels characters like Sabine Wren, Hera Syndulla, and Kanan Jarrus are also roped in for the new Ahsoka Tano show.

Source: Polygon


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