“Ain’t far from the truth”: Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Gets Compared To Natalie Portman’s Darkest Movie After Fans Dig Up ‘Inspired’ Scenes

As fans continue to find parallels, Joaquin Phoenix's Joker continues to be compared with Natalie Portman's cynical satire, Black Swan.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Gets Compared To Natalie Portman’s Darkest Movie After Fans Dig Up ‘Inspired’ Scenes


  • Joaquin Phoenix's Joker (2019) and Natalie Portman's Black Swan (2010) are indeed similar as fans continue to dig up parallels.
  • Both are dark and gritty psychological movies with somewhat diabolical characters and artful social commentary.
  • Despite similarities, each story is unique in its own way, offering an intense cinematic experience to fans.
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Joaquin Phoenix’s remarkable performance in Joker is widely hailed as one of the best portrayals of the iconic DC villain. Portraying Arthur Fleck, the actor presented a new version of the brutal villain, adding a nuanced layer of depth and humanity to him. While the sequel is in the works, fans for long have been comparing his unconventional comic book tale to Natalie Portman’s darkest movie, Black Swan.

Black Swan and Joker
Fans compare Black Swan and Joker


While both actors won Oscars for their respective performances, the movies share more similarities than just their lead’s brilliant portrayals. As fans keep digging up somewhat similar scenes, the movies share several thematic parallels despite being essentially different films.


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Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker And Natalie Portman’s Black Swan Are Parallels

both movies are intense psychological thrillers
Both movies are intense psychological thrillers

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One is a classic psychological thriller, and the other is a comic book-inspired movie with deep psychological elements. Both Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Natalie Portman‘s Black Swan share several thematic parallels, making them strikingly similar despite being two widely distinct movies.


Both movies have their character’s psychological transformations at the center. Both relatively ordinary individuals descend into complex psychological turmoils, leading to each first struggling and then accepting the darker aspects of their personas.

With the concept of mental health evidently forming the core of the storyline, both movies focus on how their protagonists struggle with severe psychological issues due to societal pressures, personal traumas, and internal conflicts, leading to each grappling with their own identities.

While Portman’s Nina struggles to incorporate the contrasting characters of the Black Swan and the White Swan in her performance, Phoenix’s Fleck struggles with the identity society wants him to adopt, subsequently forming the persona of Joker as a form of rebellion.


Reality and fantasy soon blur into one as each immerses themselves into their respective alter egos, undergoing extreme physical transformations as they slowly descend into the land of insanity. Thus while offering exemplary social commentary and critique of culture, Joker and Black Swan both present the disturbing and complex aspects of human nature, despite existing in different cinematic plains.

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Years After Release Fans Continue To Compare Joker And Black Swan

joker and nina aren't so different after all
Joker and Nina aren’t so different after all

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Natalie Portman’s Black Swan were released in 2019 and 2010, respectively. But after all these years the intense psychological dramas continue to be compared by fans, partly due to their similar thematic concepts and partly due to the similar scenes they share.



The countless posts spread across the internet prove that the movies do indeed have a significant number of similar scenes apart from their similar storylines. Of course, despite being similar, there is no doubt that both movies are a treat to watch thanks to the outstanding performances of their respective leads.


Black Swan can be streamed on Disney+, while Joker can be rented on Amazon Prime.


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