Al Pacino Was Falsely Arrested After Cops Found Masks, Gloves And Pistol in His Car – Realized They Were Just Movie Props

Al Pacino Was Falsely Arrested After Cops Found Masks, Gloves And Pistol in His Car - Realized They Were Just Movie Props

Celebrities are real people, too. They may occasionally commit crimes, get caught, and have their names in the headlines. The main difference is that everyone enjoys seeing their amusing stories as headline news on TV or the internet. One such celebrity is ‌Hollywood legend, Al Pacino.

Although he has long enjoyed his fame, he also experienced some difficult times prior to becoming a successful movie star. The roles he played in films like The Godfather, Scent of a Woman, Heat, The Irishman, and Scarface made Pacino a household name. The 83-year-old actor has also won the prestigious Golden Globe Award, the Academy Award, and the BAFTA Award.

Well, he has appeared in numerous blockbusters, but he has also turned down just as many. Most notably, the role of Han Solo in Star Wars. The actor admitted in a 2013 interview that he declined the part because he “didn’t understand the script”.

Al Pacino
Al Pacino

Did you know, though, that the Scarface actor still has untold tales from before his early acting days that are certain to shock you? At the time, a 20-year-old aspiring actor ran into trouble with the cops in 1961 and spent three days in jail. 

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When Al Pacino Was Falsely Arrested For Attempted Robbery

Al Pacino has acted in the role of a criminal both off-screen and in real life. Do not misunderstand this, though: He has since been able to avoid the legal system. Additionally, the event that prompted his police station’s ‘photo shoot’ had a humorous element to it. 

Pacino and two other fellow aspiring actors were stopped by police while en route to an acting gig. Evidently, the officers became suspicious when they noticed that their car was repeatedly circling the block. The young actors reportedly had a.38 caliber pistol, gloves, and masks as they stood behind the car.

The (now 83-year-old) actor and his friends were taken into custody, accused of having a concealed weapon, and had some pretty pictures taken. It’s not surprising that none of the aspiring actors could post bail because the majority aren’t known for having large bank accounts. Before the situation was resolved, Pacino and his friends spent three days in jail.

Al Pacino
Al Pacino

It later turned out to be a ‘prop gun’ they had been found. In contrast to how many varieties of characters he might have acted, Pacino was “very helpful” when being questioned, according to police reports. 

However, keeping his cool undoubtedly helped the then-young legend get all of the charges against him eventually dropped.

He has also been involved in a different, lesser-known controversy (as if this wasn’t enough). 

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He Has Struggled For A Long Time With Smoking Addiction

AI Pacino can be seen smoking a cigar in many of the films in which he appeared. The best example of this is probably the movie Scarface, in which Pacino’s character, Tony Montana becomes successful and Cuban cigars were seen in the majority of the scenes.

Also note that the cigarettes shown in the movie were probably Cohiba Cigars, or at least something similar, because of the Cuban embargo. 

Well, the legacy of Pacino’s on-screen cigars has endured in recent years. 

Al Pacino
Al Pacino

Now everyone knows how to stay away from those microscopic cancerous slivers. But The Irishman actor was unable to resist this allure, and the New Yorker once claimed that at the tender age of nine, he began smoking.

His present age clearly indicates that his genetic makeup has been able to protect him from the potentially fatal effects of long-term addiction (but it’s still not exactly advised).

Also, the actor once admitted to changing his ways and quitting smoking in 2015 while speaking to The Independent.

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