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Alan Wake 2 PC Requirements are Immense, Leaving Many to Miss the Experience

Even the minimum settings don't have any mercy, with even a lack of mesh shader support leaving older cards on the sidelines.

Alan Wake 2 PC Requirements are Immense, Leaving Many to Miss the Experience


  • Who is left out and who will be able to play Alan Wake 2 on PC?
  • Has Remedy gotten out of proportion with these huge requirements?
  • Is this graphical power really worth excluding so many players?

Alan Wake 2 PC Requirements are here and they are meaty… Mouse and keyboard players always pay attention to whether their machines will have the technical capacity to handle the title, and depending on the game will often shell out for upgrades and better pieces. The time to discover these specifics has come as a challenge for users with graphics cards such as AMD’s RX 5000 series or Nvidia’s GTX 10 series, as the demands of the game make it difficult to achieve optimal performance on these older GPUs.

Many May Miss Out Due To Huge Alan Wake 2 PC Requirements

Alan Wake 2 pc requirements

Alan Wake 2‘s PC requirements come in three tiers: minimum, recommended, and ultra PC specs, with each tier representing a different level of performance needed to fully enjoy the game. And players who want to ensure the smoothest and most enjoyable gaming experience possible for the long-awaited sequel since 2010 where the protagonist fights darkness in a mysterious city should take note of these specifications.

Announced last Friday, October 20th, Alan Wake 2‘s PC requirements generated diverse reactions from the gaming community, at least from PC players. Criticism was directed at a perceived lack of optimization, unrealistic hardware expectations, and a lack of proportionality with many of the players who wanted to enjoy the release. Specific examples such as those with an Nvidia RTX 10 series GPU or a newer AMD RX 5000 series should also be left empty-handed.

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According to a post on Twitter/X from a Remedy developer, the next version may depend on mesh shader support to run, but the post was deleted and this information was hung in the air, would it be a truth told too soon, or just a mistake? It turns out that the most avid fans saved the screenshot and shared more evidence like this on Reddit that reveals that the 10 and 5000 series cards do not appear in the specifications because they do not support mesh shading.

Alan Wake 2 pc requirements

So, many will miss out on the experience just by the presence of this vertex shader path still present in the game, even though it was abandoned due to performance issues, so in the future, it will be possible for modders to revive it. Mesh shaders first arrived in 2020 with the release of DirectX 12 Ultimate, with the first code samples being released in January of next year. These mesh shaders were developed to take the place of traditional vertex and geometry shaders in the rendering pipeline, allowing developers to optimize their rendering processes.


You can check out Alan Wake 2‘s PC requirements one by one on the game’s official Twitter/X if you still think your machine has a chance of running the impending mystery. But many raise the question of whether this exclusion of players was not a concern for Remedy during development, as such high technical standards will harm the game’s sales and also generate some controversy, distancing the developer from the public.

Not that Remedy is different from any other company in the industry, it is still more of a venture controlled by executives and aims for profit over people, but even at a strategic point it is questionable whether it is worth excluding so many potential buyers for “graphic perfection”. Just how worthwhile these powerful visuals will be remains to be seen with the game’s launch, which will take place soon.

With the Alan Wake 2 PC requirements being so demanding, it’s a shame that so many will miss out on the long-awaited sequel, but it’s no different to any other AAA release over the years, is it?

Source: Twitter/X

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