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Alan Wake 2 Suffers Delay Days After Going Gold – Hidden Problems or Just a Scheduling Issue?

Recently many gamers have been gaining a lot of hype for the release of Alan Wake 2 as it has been 13 years since the first games release, and with the release date around the corner, many fans were excited to be finally getting their hands on such a long-awaited sequel. However, there has now been a change to the scheduled release as Alan Wake 2 has been delayed even after going gold a few days ago.

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How long of a delay will there be for Alan Wake 2, and why are gamers worried?

Alan Wake 2 Suffers Delay Days After Going Gold Hidden Problems Or Just A Scheduling Issue

Even though Alan Wake 2 has gone gold, many gamers have been somewhat confused by the decision to delay the release as it was set to release on October 17th. After Alan Wake 2 went gold many gamers were overjoyed by this news as usually going gold implies that the game is ready to ship, according to the standards set by the developers and publishers.

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Now that Alan Wake 2 has been delayed, many gamers fear that Alan Wake 2 went gold too early and that the delay is due to potential issues that may have appeared after it was announced to go gold. This most likely won’t be the case as when a game goes gold it has gone through a fine-toothed comb to discover any potential issues that could be hidden in the game, which will hopefully give players more confidence in believing that hidden problems aren’t the reason of delay.

Since Alan Wake 2 has now been announced to be delayed, we now know that it will only be delayed by ten days which will set the release date to October 27th, which for many of the fans who have been eagerly awaiting Alan Wake 2 for over a decade this is a very short time to wait. We are sure many gamers who have been eagerly awaiting Alan Wake 2 will happily take those extra few days in their stride, which will be done to support Alan Wake 2 once it fully releases.

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What reasons have Alan Wake 2’s developers given for the delay?

Alan Wake 2 Suffers Delay Days After Going Gold Hidden Problems Or Just A Scheduling Issue

Right now, many gamers are currently grasping at straws trying to figure out why Alan Wake 2 has been delayed; even though it is only a short amount of time for a delay, many gamers are curious as to why and thankfully, their questions have been answered by Alan Wake 2‘s developer’s Remedy as they released a statement saying;

October is an amazing month for game launches and we hope this date shift gives more space for everyone to enjoy their favourite games.

At the moment, October is going to be full of brand new game releases and updates for already released games to the point that gamers are already overwhelmed with the amount of content they will have access to by the end of October. Due to this, Remedy decided to push back the release of Alan Wake 2 to give players time to enjoy other games in a reasonable amount of time, and then they would be able to jump into Alan Wake 2 without having a large number of games waiting for them to play.

So far in October, gamers are expected to see games like Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2, Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Microsoft’s Forza Motorsport and reportedly Sega’s Sonic Stadium. With all of these releases coming out in October, it is understandable that Remedy would want to delay their release as back in 2010 when Alan Wake was released, it was released at the same time as Red Dead Redemption, which stole the show and caused a lack of sales for Alan Wake.

What do you think about the delay to Alan Wake 2? Are you still looking forward to playing Alan Wake 2 on day one of release? How long have you been waiting to jump into the long-awaited sequel? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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