Alan Wake Introduces New Perks As the Latest Survivor in Dead by Daylight

Behaviour Interactive is taking its survival horror to The Dark Place.

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  • Alan Wake is joining Dead by Daylight as a new survivor.
  • The character will become available for the game on January 30th.
  • Three new perks are part of the update which include: Champion of Light, Boon: Illumination, and Deadline.
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Since Remedy Entertainment’s release of Alan Wake 2 in October, the titular character has been receiving plenty of attention. If the title’s three wins at The Game Awards 2023 weren’t enough to set it apart from the rest, Dead by Daylight is continuing to add life to the popular horror franchise. 


In a reveal trailer posted on X, Dead by Daylight announced that Alan Wake will be the next survivor for the game. The iconic fiction writer will move “from one dark place to another” on January 30th, with three unique perks. 

In this move, Behaviour Interactive, the Canadian studio behind Dead by Daylight, is adding one more horror property to an ever growing list of collaborations. The developer has incorporated characters from: Halloween, Saw, Left Behind, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and much more. 


How Alan Wake Will Play As a Survivor in Dead by Daylight

Alan Wake
The three perks Alan Wake will use are Champion of Light, Boon: Illumination, and Deadline.

If you are unfamiliar with Dead by Daylight, or how survivors work in the game, each playable protagonist is given certain perks which serve as special abilities specific to the character. Alan Wake will have three perks in the update, which are: Champion of Light, Boon: Illumination, and Deadline.

The first perk, Champion of Light, activates when the player has control of Alan Wake’s flashlight. When using the object it will grant 50% haste, and if you are successful in blinding a villain who is chasing you, they will gain 20% hindered for 6 seconds. The effect does not stack, and after use there will be an 80/70/60 second cool-down rate.


The second perk, Boon: Illumination, allows the player to created a Boon Totem, if they press the Ability button 1 near a Hex or Dull Totem. When this perk is used, it has a range of exactly 24 meters, where other survivors in the zone are able to see generators and chests in a blue aura. While you can only bless one totem at a time, if you have a lit Boon Totem you will cleanse or bless totems 6/8/10% faster.

Lastly, the Deadline perk provides skill checks that are 6/8/10% more frequent when healing or repairing in random locations. If you miss skill checks, the penalty for such action is reduced by 50% as well. It should be noted that Deadline will only work when the player has been injured.

If you are interested in reading the exact notes on the Alan Wake survivor character, or you want to learn more about the next Dead by Daylight update, the patch notes can be found on the game’s Reddit page.


These perks are not only exciting new aspects of the game, they are particular to the story that has been told in the Alan Wake franchise, and especially the newest installment in the series.

The Champion of Light perk seems to refer to a lyric from the Old Gods of Asgard song, Herald of Darkness, as well as other instances of the phrase within the franchise. Boon: Illumination is another nod to light, which is an essential tool of survival in the series. And Deadline is a fitting perk, given the fact that Alan Wake is trying to write himself out of The Dark Place, while desperately running out of time.


Whether or not you are a fan of Dead by Daylight, or simply love all things Alan Wake, there is plenty of exciting news for both fanbases. The 7.5.0 patch notes hold plenty of updates for fans of the former, and Alan Wake 2 supporters have the Night Springs and Lake House DLC expansions to look forward to when they eventually release.

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