‘He doesn’t fire blanks’: Alec Baldwin Prepares To Have His 8th Child in 10 Years, Might Be Aiming For Ninth Soon

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Alec Baldwin, an American actor, producer, comedian, and political activist, and his wife Hilaria Baldwin are getting ready to welcome their eighth child shortly. They have been together for ten years now. Hilaria Baldwin, who has raised seven children, alongside her husband, claims that the challenges of motherhood are gradually wearing her down. Furthermore, she commented on the need for a new workout routine as she enters her final trimester of pregnancy. The American yoga instructor emphasized the need for slowing down and respecting the process of pregnancy. 

Alec Baldwin with wife Hilaria Baldwin
Alec Baldwin with his wife Hilaria Baldwin

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Alec Baldwin’s Wife Hilaria Baldwin Speaks About Her Pregnancy

In one of her latest Instagram videos, Mrs. Baldwin stated how she feels her “body slowing down.” With further elaboration, she said the following:


“I love exercising while pregnant and feel grateful that my pregnancies have allowed for me to be active. We all know that every pregnancy is different and much control we have to let go to nature and listen to what our reality is.”

Hilaria Baldwin at an event
Hilaria Baldwin at an event

She emphasized how nerve-wracking and overwhelming it is to experience the many pregnancies’ age and wear and tear. However, she also concluded her statement with the following line: 

“How grateful I am to have these experiences in my life’s story.”

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The Couple Has Eight Children – Will They Ever Aim For A Ninth?

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin with their kids
Hilaria and Alec Baldwin with their children

Carmen, who is 8, Rafael, 7, Leonardo, 5, Romeo, 4, and Eduardo, 1, are all children of Hilaria and Alec Baldwin. And they welcomed Luca, their newest child through surrogacy. And now, they’re stepping into welcoming their 8th kid. Would they aim for a ninth soon after? Hilaria stated that she is currently in the process of respecting the need to “slow down” so that she can rev up soon. It is safe to say that this one, big, giant family isn’t stopping anytime soon. 


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Hilaria Baldwin Speaks About “Meaningful” Parenthood

The author of the “Living Clearly Method” discussed what it means to be a good parent and how she and her husband try to provide their kids with a good life. She said,

“What will make our baby a loving, whole person? What matters? What will make them feel seen, free, and proud?”

Hilaria Baldwin also said the only way to know is by simply taking care of their children and guiding them accordingly. To conclude, she said,We can provide as good a life as we can, but the rest is up to our baby to discover their own, unique self.”


Not being able to contain her excitement, the mother of seven, soon to be eight, expressed how she cannot wait to meet her daughter.

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