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Alice In Borderland: 5 Most Horrible Things Characters Did To Other Players

Alice In Borderland 5 Most Horrible Things Characters Did To Other Players

Alice in Borderland is a game of life and death where sacrifice is always necessary, in whatever form or way that is possible. One should always think of survival more than anything, be it friendship, love, or trust. In this kind of game, the wicked ones always get the upper hand.

It is no secret that Alice in Borderland is a battle royale-themed show and has a lot of questionable principles. The heinous acts and brutal killings are major parts of the story. With the pressure of time ticking in the background, they can only cling to their lives to do the most horrendous things for the sake of survival.

Saori Shibuki Pressured A Girl To Run Into Her Death

Saori Shibuki Alice in Borderland

In the room of Life and Death, the players must choose one door to escape from being burned alive. Saori Shibuki pressured her co-players to immediately pick one door instead of getting suffocated inside the room. Because it is not her first time joining the game, Shibuki knows that she has to sacrifice one player so they could move on to the next.

The tension inside the room forced the newcomer girl to run for the wrong door wherein she immediately met her death. Shibuki showed no remorse or shock because she planned this all along.

Aguni Morizono Sacrificed His Partner

Aguni Morizono

During the Tag game, Aguni and his teammate planned out how they are going to take down the tagger. When his friend signaled him, Aguni did not come to his rescue and, instead, waited a couple of seconds to get a better advantage. As a result, the tagger killed his friend.

This is the very first scene that showed Aguni as someone that cannot be trusted. His countenance tells it all but having this as proof is enough that he is a character to watch out for in the next episodes.

Shuntaro Chisiya And Hikari Kuina Deceived Ryohei Arisu

Chisuya and Kuina Alice in Borderland

That moment when everyone thought there will be a surprise alliance between Chisiya and Arisu was all but an illusion. The duo sought Arisu’s help to find the cards so they could escape. All he had to do was open the safe and steal the cards.

It turns out to be one of Chisiya’s clever plans to find out if the cards are actually hidden in the safe. Because of this, Arisu was punished, beaten, and locked up.

Hatter Killed Players Who Did Not Surrender Their Cards

Hatter Alice in Borderland

Hatter prides himself in building the utopian cult ‘Beach’ where players can live to the fullest. They are allowed to do anything they want so long as they abide by his rules. He persuades them to play games so he can, later on, collect the cards.

He does not actually know if this plan will truly set them free. In the end, every player who would not surrender their cards was killed.

Aguni Morizono Burned All Players

Witch Hunt Alice in Borderland

The Witch Hunt episode of Alice in Borderland truly brought out the devil in everyone. In this game, the audience witnessed the wrath of Aguni and the militants as they massacre everyone and burn them in search of the real witch.

The real deal was Aguni trying to cope with the loss of his best friend, Hatter. He lashed out his frustration towards the innocent people that caused the loss of many lives.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.