Alice In Borderland: Characters Ranked Based On Intelligence

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Alice in Borderland is a game of wits, strength, and luck. It’s impossible to survive this without having these three but most of the time, it’s a battle of the minds. Games are designed with utmost preparation, and there will always be flaws in the system. It is up to the players to find the loopholes and use them to their advantage.


After meeting the characters, we can already decide which ones are most likely to survive. They display a high level of intelligence enough for them to outsmart everyone, including the game masters. Here are the top 5 most intelligent characters from Alice in Borderland:

Yuzuha Usagi

Usagi Alice in Borderland


Her power is certainly in her physical strength as we have seen Usagi run like wildfire or jump from one window to another. More than that, she is smart enough not to trust anyone. She has been training for most of her life, and her experiences made her untrusting of everyone she meets.

Usagi has survived a lot of games in the past enough to sharpen her critical thinking skills. She is practical and wise, and she knows a lot about hunting and other outdoor skills. Moreover, her knowledge of the game landscape is also a great advantage.

Takeru Danma (Hatter)

Hatter Alice in Borderland


His cleverness brought him immense power, and it is Hatter’s advantage among other players. He has built an empire that feeds on manipulation and greedy goals. Hatter made everyone believe that collecting the cards will set them all free. This is not entirely a wrong hypothesis but could be feasible once the story picks up again on the second season.

It would have been better if the audience has seen him join a game or two so we could all witness how Hatter plays.

Ann Rizuna

Ann Rizuna


Her confidence and countenance alone could determine how professional and smart she is. Ann has been seen operating on dead people and was later revealed that she worked in forensics before she was transported in the parallel world.

In the final episode “Witch Hunt”, she was able to get the fingerprints from the knife through a scientific method, and immediately recognizes who the murderer is. This skill is valuable and comes in handy, especially for games that require incredible mental work.

Shuntaro Chisiya

Chisiya Alice in Borderland


Chisiya shows his intelligence through his confidence and calm demeanor. Remember from the Tag game, he was the only one not being frantic and running around. It is because he has figured it all out from the beginning.

He was also able to find out where the cards were hidden albeit using a not-so-gentle method. He sacrificed Ryohei Arisu in exchange for a vague hint.

Ryohei Arisu

Ryohei Arisu Alice in Borderland


Arisu has been playing games for most of his life, and perhaps this is where he got all his critical thinking skills. He survived all of the games he participated in using his brainpower. In every game, he managed to find clues and figure out the flaws.

Indeed, Arisu is the smartest among the bunch. He may not be the strongest in terms of physical strength or emotional quotient, but he certainly is the most gifted player.


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