Alice In Wonderland: 5 Great Things About The Live-Action Movie

The live-action continuation of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland gave us a lot of new things to look forward to. As a master of storytelling, director Tim Burton offered fresh new takes on the 2010 Alice in Wonderland movie in contrast with the animated version which was released in 1951. There is so much creativity needed to fulfill this project because the story is basically set in a world full of strange curiosities.

With Alice falling off to Wonderland, fans witnessed lots of familiar and new scenes. Both versions are so good that fans could not decide which one is better. But, in this post, we’re going to dive into the live-action version.

Alice As A Teen

Alice in Wonderland

In the 2010 film, the audience saw how Alice would look and act as a teen compared to the younger version in the books. It would yield a different approach since adults behave differently than children. And, when you introduce an adult to a bizarre world, it is far more interesting than how a child would perceive it.

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Despite so, Alice remains the imaginative and curious girl that she is. Her father is the biggest influence in her life, and he has always wanted her to keep her dreams alive.

The Wonderland Changed Alice’s Perspective

Alice in Wonderland 2Alice never felt special in the real world. She was forced into a situation where she was expected to marry a lord and be ordinary like everyone else. But, when she fell off that rabbit hole, her entire world changed.

Suddenly, everyone is looking for her and banking on her to save them from a monster called Jabberwocky. Alice has experienced all sorts of weird things, such as growing so big and so small. More than that, she talked to animals!

Alice Fought The Jabberwocky

Alice in Wonderland 3

At first, Alice was hesitant about the prophesied mission of her slaying the Jabberwocky. She has no experience in fighting, let alone killing a giant monster. But, upon seeing the true state of the kingdom, she made up her mind and grabbed the sword herself.

This gave the audience a spectacular scene where Alice, in a knight’s armor, slew the Jabberwocky. Everyone also participated in the fight, giving a more intense view of the battle.

The Movie Has A More Structured Plot Than The Novel

The Red Queen Helena Bonham Carter

Indeed, the movie did not religiously follow the source material, and there is a reason for that. It would be enjoyable to read but not as engaging when watched in theatres. In fact, the story was too linear.

Tim Burton injected his creative powers into the film and gave it a new twist. Now, it has a plot to follow and a clear view of who the villains and the heroes are.

The Real World Was Strange, Too

Alice in Wonderland 4

In the books, Alice’s world is boring, and this encouraged her to escape to her own imagination. But, in the movie, the real world was odd from her perspective.

During the party she attended, Alice noticed that everyone was doing normal things that people usually do. This seemed strange to her because she is not used to the ordinary.

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