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Is Alison Brie Playing Mystique? GLOW Star Wants To Jump on MCU Bandwagon To Play Marvel Villain But Wants Fans To Decide

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Alison Brie sparks up speculations as she reveals that she would love to spearhead the role of any villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Recently in an interview when the GLOW actress was asked if she wants to play any part in the Superhero studio, she responded with her wish to play a villain. It is not a very big deal now to hear a big star entering the house of the Avengers. Every other day, we get to know about a casting update regarding someone joining the bandwagon. But Alison Brie played smart and didn’t make it clear which role she wants to fill in thereby encouraging the fans to think about the perfect character for her.

Alison Brie wants to work as a Marvel Villain
Alison Brie

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Alison Brie wants to play a Marvel Baddie

Alison Brie is not headlining a Marvel rumor for the first time. Back in 2020 when She-Hulk was in a pre-development stage, it was reported that MCU is searching for an “Alison Brie-type” actress to lead the show. But it mainly turned out to be an unsuccessful rumor as eventually, they cast Tatiana Maslany in the lead.

Alison Brie casting rumors as MCU Villain
During the early stages, it was rumored that Alison Brie can play the role of Jennifer Walters in MCU

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Now recently while the Community actress was speaking with ComicBook, when she was asked about a Marvel casting, she answered that even though Marvel will only do what they have planned but she would love to be cast as a Marvel Villain in the future:

“Nothing specifically that I have set my sights on, no, and I think that would be a mistake, because clearly you can’t really dictate. Marvel’s going to do their thing, as they should. I think there’s a fantasy deep in my mind that one day I would get to play a great Marvel villain, but I don’t know which one that would be. People, fans, send me some ideas so I can start the campaign.”

Alison Brie set the fandom on scratching their heads off as she said every one to suggest a potential character she can play.

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Which character can be played by Alison Brie?

Alison Brie as Mystique in MCU
Some fans think that Alison Brie can turn out to be an amazing Mystique

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With the upcoming colossal amounts of movies on the slate, the star can get her hands on any of the major characters if the studio wants that. While some fans think that she will be a good Mystique while some others think that she can portray the character of Madame Hydra, there is a basket full of roles, but as of yet, there’s no official update yet.

While her live-version future lacks any update yet, Alison Brie is set to voice in the upcoming animated Marvel show Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur which will be aired for the kids on television.

Source: ComicBook

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