All 6 Elden Ring Endings are Prequels to Every FromSoft Game Ever in Existence – Theory

One of the most famous 'Elden Ring' theory exposes how every different ending is supposedly a set-up for a FromSoft game.

All 6 Elden Ring Endings are Prequels to Every FromSoft Game Ever in Existence - Theory


  • 'Elden Ring' fan theory states how the different endings of the game are supposed to be prequels to previous FromSoft titles.
  • The Age of Stars ending is arguably the prequel to the Bloodborne Universe.
  • There is a secret 7th ending rumored to be coming with the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.
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Elden Ring was a title that almost came out of the blue and was unexpected from a developing studio such as FromSoft. This award-winning title was their first proper venture into the genre of open-world games, and they managed to completely nail it.

However, not everything feels unique and new about the game, there is a well-believed theory within the community of the game that states how the game is a prequel to other titles from the same studio that came years before. These include famous games such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and even Demon Souls.

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The idea originates from the fact that Elden Ring has 6 different endings, with each one bringing a new age with themselves. Fans have speculated that these endings are what eventually go on to be the setting for different FromSoft games.

What Do Different Endings For Elden Ring Indicate?

The ability to have your choices throughout the experience affect the outcome at the end is something that many players love about the game. These endings are what reportedly seems to be the set-up for every other FromSoft title in existence, with some of them being more obvious than the others.

One such finish for the game is the chaotic Frenzied Flame ending, which destroys any order found in The Lands Between, inducing chaos and presumably introducing the undead we get to see in Dark Souls. An additional finish to the game that indicates a connection with the Bloodborne title is the Age of Stars ending, achieved by completing Ranni’s quest line.

Ranni the Witch
Ranni the Witch

Another faint connection that hints at the connection of the Elden Ring universe with the Demon Soul series is the Age of Duskborn ending. It is unlocked by completing Fia’s quest line and unlocking the cursemark of death.


Is There Another Secret Ending Coming To Elden Ring?

The story of the latest FromSoftware title seems to be far from over, which we know because of the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. The extension was announced nearly a year ago, along with a key art that hinted at what we could get to see in the future.

The key art hints at the character of Miquella, riding a steed amongst overgrown vegetation and looking at a burned down Erdtree. Fans have speculated that we will get to see a new Miquella’s quest line, unlocking a secret 7th ending, known as the Age of Slumber.

Shadow of the Erdtree DLC
Shadow of the Erdtree DLC


The release date for the said DLC remains unknown for now. However, players have predicted that it should be released in late February, near when the game will be celebrating its second anniversary.

Elden Ring is available to purchase on Steam.

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