All Differences Between Earth-616 Wanda and Earth-838 Wanda


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (MoM) has explored alternate universe variants pretty well. While Loki gave us plenty of intel upon Multiversal doppelgangers, MoM has added multiple connections between them. The film introduced us to plenty of parallel Universe characters. Benedict Cumberbatch got to play 4 different Doctor Strange variants. Meanwhile, Lizzie Olsen played at least 3. But only two of them got the spotlight throughout the film. They were Earth-616 Wanda and Earth-838 Wanda.

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Both of them looked identical and their origin/childhood was hinted to be similar. But there were at least 5 differences between both Wandas. Here are the ones we picked:


Wanda No Vision?

Doctor Strange 2 Theory Wanda 838 Married Illuminati Ultron

The Ultron sentries at the Illuminati HQ hinted the AI was successfully created as a global peacekeeping program on Earth-838. One might think that the Superior Iron Man variant created him and he didn’t go rogue. But it’s also possible that Reed Richards, the smartest man alive created him. Either way, because Ultron did not go rogue, he did not seek to create Vision at all. So, it is possible that Vision doesn’t even exist on this Earth. And naturally, he isn’t Wanda’s love interest!


No Real Character Development

Wanda crying

It is possible that 838’s Wanda did not become an Avenger because Age of Ultron happened very differently. But even if she did, she retired pretty early and took on a suburban life with her kids. While we cannot be sure about Civil War, she definitely did not go through Infinity War and Endgame because Thanos never snapped his fingers. So, she wasn’t blipped for 5 years. WandaVision never happened either. So, she did not become the Scarlet Witch!


Power Levels

Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Wicth
Earth-616 Wanda and Earth-838 Wanda

Because Wanda did not get all that character development on 838, her power levels were probably just as much as 616’s Wanda during Avengers: Age of Ultron. This new Wanda never got the Darkhold and her mind wasn’t as strong as 616’s Wanda either. So, her power levels were far inferior compared to the dreamwalking Witch. That’s why Captain Maria and the Illuminati were so confident that they could take on Doctor Strange’s “Li’l Witch.”

Natural Birth and the Father

Wanda Billy Tommy


As Doctor Strange said, 616’s Wanda magically conceived Billy and Tommy within the Hex, and the boys grew 10 years within a couple of days. But since there was no Hex and no Vision on Earth-838, Wanda would have conceived the twins naturally. That begs us to ask, who’s their father??? Is it Victor Von Doom, or is it a “Ultimates 3” comics kinda scenario with Pietro? Also, considering the age of Billy and Tommy, Wanda would have given birth right after 2015.


you didnt see that coming 


Since we are presuming that Ultron was created successfully, it is highly likely that Pietro would also be alive. It’ll be interesting to see if Feige and co would continue 838’s story to show us the aftermath of what happened in Multiverse of Madness. Then maybe Pietro can make his return as well!

What other differences between Earth-616 Wanda and Earth-838 Wanda did you pick. Tell us in the comments section.


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Written by Neal Johnson

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