All for One’s Origins Completely Change the History of Quirks in My Hero Academia

All For One origin story changed the entire history of My Hero Academia series.

All for One's Origins Completely Change the History of Quirks in My Hero Academia


  • Chapter 407 dealt with All For One's life, including his birth and rise to prominence.
  • The most recent chapter has revealed some details about the history of quirks as it has been told in the series that were previously unknown.
  • This chapter has, in a sense, altered not only what was previously known but also what our heroes will face in the future.

With the official release of My Hero Academia chapter 407 earlier this weekend, came a startling and sudden change in viewpoint and emphasis from current in-series events. Chapter 407 reveals the much-awaited beginning of All For One, so fans are in for a wild ride.

In the first few years of his life, at least, All For One’s life was the subject of Chapter 407, which covered his birth and ascent to prominence. Fans undoubtedly cherished the entire chapter, which was a flashback. The unsettling part of All For One illustrates his innate greed and contributes to his villainous nature.

All for One
All for One

Some information that was previously unknown about the history of quirks as it was presented in the series has been made public in this most recent chapter with All for One’s origins. The chapter in a way has not only made revelations about the past, but it also changed the course of the future and what lies ahead for our heroes.

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All for One’s Origin Story

My Hero Academia chapter 407 shows an unidentified prostitute who was unaware that she had been pregnant for eight months. In the end, this woman gave birth beneath a bridge because she was homeless. Born by a river, All For One and Yoichi bore a grim destiny when their mother gave in to their depleting influence.

All For One’s gloomy journey began with this terrible incident. All For One exploited his absorption abilities to become more powerful as the boy started eating from his mother’s corpse. All For One was born with a peculiarity from his mother, and he used this ability to kill innocent people.

All for One Origin
All for One Origin

As soon as these abilities were widely used, All For One started adopting the powers of others. He believed that everything in this world belongs to him and he is the most powerful entity. He kept his brother close to him as possession showing his twisted mentality.


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All for One Origin Changed My Hero Academia’s History

The life of All For One remained the main subject of My Hero Academia chapter 407. He kept stealing more powers as he got older. He was doing this when he was still a child, which only serves to highlight the level at which he was from the beginning.

The shocking discovery made in this chapter is that All For One and his brother were born before the infamous Glowing Baby, the first known human with a unique ability. All For One became the conceited and cunning villain as a result of the radiant baby attracting all the attention. Additionally, it was disclosed that All For One made amends for the error of history by eliminating the Glowing Baby during their adult leadership, uniting people around the concept of peace.

All for One - My Hero Academia
All for One – My Hero Academia

As he got older, he became more and more certain that his goal in life was to subjugate the entire world into submission to his every desire. The chapter also showed the relationship between All for One and Yoichi and how Yoichi became the rival of All for One with Kudo’s help, but All for One’s origin certainly was the main focus as it changed the entire history of My Hero Academia.

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