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All It Takes Is One Bad Day: MCU Heroes Who Would Make Epic Supervillains

The MCU is loaded with charismatic superheroes who manage to inspire us every day. Born from tragedy or from a sense to do some good in this world, these heroes are the triumph of the human spirit over evil. However, there’s darkness even in the best of us, and these heroes are not any exceptions. Here are 5 MCU heroes who would make epic supervillains:

5. Thor

MCU heroes Thor

The crown prince of Asgard, Thor is a literal god who takes down monsters for breakfast. Widely regarded as one of the most powerful superheroes in the MCU, the God of Thunder is capable of legendary feats. Despite his near invincibility, Thor chooses to side with the heroes, even putting his life at risk for mere mortals. However, in case the thunder god is ever tempted by the dark side, it’s pretty much game over. After the huge personal losses suffered, it’s easy for Thor to adopt a nihilistic viewpoint with catastrophic results. In the comics, a clone of Thor went rogue and wreaked havoc on Earth’s mightiest heroes. We can only imagine the results if the original God of Thunder ever decides to switch sides.

4. Black Panther

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The King of Wakanda is arguably one of the most powerful MCU heroes on the planet with access to immeasurable wealth and futuristic technology. Since his introduction, Black Panther has always fought the good fight despite losing his father caused by a brain-washed Bucky. However, the King of Wakanda has enough reasons to not side with the heroes, in case he ever resonates with Kilmonger’s ideologies. After all, can we really blame him when he witnesses centuries of systemic racism against his own people in the world outside Wakanda?

3. Doctor Strange

MCU Heroes Evil Doctor Strange

The Sorcerer Supreme is a reservoir of powers that can wreak havoc if ever wielded without any restraint. As the most powerful wizard on this planet, Doctor Strange’s allegiance can be changed for a few reasons. Be it a personal tragedy or being tempted by dark magic, an evil iteration of Doctor Strange can overwhelm even the mightiest of heroes. We saw a glimpse of an evil Doctor Strange in What If…? and that ended up destroying the whole world. Now imagine a version that has consciously joined sides with the bad guys.

2. The Hulk

Like the God of Thunder, Bruce Banner has enough reasons to be a supervillain instead of fighting to protect Earth. As one of the most tragic superheroes in existence, Bruce Banner is in a constant battle with his own demons every single day of his life. Filled with grief and rage, the Hulk is a manifestation of dark emotions that needs to be put under constraints. In case Banner’s last shred of humanity is ever ripped out, it is destruction on a global level.

1. Iron Man

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Apart from all his superior technology and sass, Tony Stark represents the human aspect of a superhero. A vulnerable man with deep insecurities, it takes more than a genius intellect to be Iron Man, one of the greatest MCU heroes. However, it only takes one bad day for Tony Stark to forego his heroic spirit. And if that day ever arrives, it would take the combined efforts of all heroes to stop this force of nature.