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All MCU Disney+ Series Ranked


MCU’s Disney+ series have been something of a mixed bag. While some have been truly amazing, others have seemingly missed the mark and disappointed fans entirely. With Loki getting a second season where will that place him in the lineup? There’s only one way to find out. Here are every MCU Disney+ series ranked, from worst to best.


10. Secret Invasion

MCU Disney+ series ranked - Secret Invasion
MCU Disney+ series ranked – Secret Invasion

This one came as a surprise and it wasn’t a pleasant one. Secret Invasion was a highly anticipated entry in the long-running MCU franchise. For the first time, fan-favorite actor Samuel L. Jackson would be leading his own story as Nick Fury, and he’d be doing so in an adaptation of one of Marvel’s coolest comicbook story arcs. Unfortunately for viewers, the series completely wasted the fantastic premise and delivered a dull, predictable and surprisingly boring series. Samuel L. Jackson seems completely uninterested in the material and turns in one of the laziest performances of his career. What a shame.

9. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

MCU Disney+ series ranked - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
MCU Disney+ series ranked – The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Fanfare for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier started somewhat strong. Viewers were excited to see what happened following Captain America passing his shield and super-hero persona off to Falcon at the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame. The series starts strong showcasing amazing visuals and high ambitions, but as time went on the plotlines dragged and become less cohesive. In the years following its release it’s reputation has floundered and it remains one of the weakest entries on the list.

8. What If…?

MCU Disney+ series ranked - What If...?
MCU Disney+ series ranked – What If…?

What If…? just may be the most divisive series that Marvel have put out. The animation is fantastic and while some of the ideas that are adapted are entertaining, others seem to miss the mark. The trouble with anthology media is that they are often a mixed bag, and What If…? was no different.

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7. Moon Knight

MCU Disney+ series ranked - Moon Knight
MCU Disney+ series ranked – Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac brings the fan-favorite character of Moon Knight to the small-screen in his first live-action appearance. With Isaac in the lead role and Ethan Hawk playing the villainous part of Arthur Harrow the show seemed perfectly suited to be a homerun for Marvel. However, some viewers critiqued the often cheesy nature questionable performances, making this another divided entry in the franchise.

6. I Am Groot

MCU Disney+ series ranked - I Am Groot
MCU Disney+ series ranked – I Am Groot

Okay, so this one barely counts, but it’s just too adorable to ignore. I Am Groot follows the lovable Baby Groot through several minor adventures in a series of vignettes. It’s nearly entirely void of dialogue and the younger iteration of the Guardians of the Galaxy team-member is often the only character on screen. It’s a breezy watch with each episode averaging around four-minutes and it’s entertainment that the whole family can enjoy.

5. Hawkeye

MCU Disney+ series ranked - Hawkeye
MCU Disney+ series ranked – Hawkeye

Often considered to be a mid-level series, Hawkeye delivered exactly what you’d want from the character. It’s simple, it’s fun and best of all, it introduces Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop. While there was nothing earth-shattering about the series, it delivered the goods in a tightly paced, action packed story that saw the return of Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin. What’s not to love about that?


4. Ms. Marvel

MCU Disney+ series ranked - Ms. Marvel
MCU Disney+ series ranked – Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel was a series unique in its execution. It arguably had a different target audience than most of the other MCU entries, with a more kid-friendly delivery. But it perfectly captured what it would like to be a child living in a world of super heroes. With an introduction like this, fans are excited to see Kamala Khan make her big-screen debut in The Marvels.

3. She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

MCU Disney+ series ranked - She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
MCU Disney+ series ranked – She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

Yep… I said it. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was awesome. A complete left-turn from the tradition expectations of an MCU entry, She-Hulk acted as a hilarious sitcom set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sure, some of the CGI was questionable, but that’s to be expected with this large of a CGI undertaking. Fans got to see the return of Hulk and Wong, the reintroduction of Daredevil and, perhaps the greatest Marvel character of all time… Madisynn, with two N’s and one Y (but not where you thiiiiiink).

2. WandaVision

MCU Disney+ series ranked - WandaVision
MCU Disney+ series ranked – WandaVision

The first MCU Disney+ series fans got to see was WandaVision. The first several episodes were unique, acting as stereotypical versions of classic sitcoms from varying eras. And honestly, that was enough for me, I declared right then and there that I’d watch an MCU sitcom even if we ever got one (thank you, She-Hulk). Aside from a pretty dreadful finale that fell flat, this series proved that MCU television could work and it could work well.

1. Loki

MCU Disney+ series ranked - Loki
MCU Disney+ series ranked – Loki

The first live-action MCU series to get a second season was Loki, and boy are we glad to have that second season. While the series is just beginning, I’ve had the chance to watch the first four episodes a bit early through a review screener and I can assure it, it’s a huge improvement over the first season. It launched the MCU into the Multiverse through its use of the TVA, branching timelines and of course, He Who Remains. Season 2 continues its journey through the multiverse in a high stakes, rapid paced adventure that is, in simple terms, awesome. In fact, it’s so strong that that it pushes the series into the number one slot on our countdown.

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