“All of a sudden it came out the other side”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Sh*t His Pants While Filming $98M Cult-Classic, Ran at Warp Speed to the Toilet

"All of a sudden it came out the other side": Arnold Schwarzenegger Sh*t His Pants While Filming $98M Cult-Classic, Ran at Warp Speed to the Toilet
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Flexing his muscular physic, Arnold Schwarzenegger has created a legacy in Hollywood. The former bodybuilder ingests energy from his muscle and pours it into the stylistic action movies dominating the action movies of the time alongside a few other stars like Sylvester Stallone and Jean-Claude Van Damm.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

The seven-time Mr. Olympian has played many muscle-blazing movie roles including, Conan the Barbarian, The Terminator franchise, Commando, and the sci-fi horror Predator. Interestingly, while filming the 1987 movie, Predator, the $98.3 million movie unintentionally created some behind the scene stories that surfaced later.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Did Sh*t His Pants on Set

Predator (1987)
Predator (1987). Source: 20th Century Studios

One embarrassing story that surfaced a while ago involved the lead star of the film, Arnold Schwarzenegger. While filming, the actor was suffering intestinal distress and he was not away from the heavy workout for muscle blaze in the film. Perhaps, the motif was to impose dominance over his co-star on the screen letting the audience lock their eyes on his shiny physic. However, his body reminded him of the lesson. 

In 2017 at Beyond Fest, The Terminator actor revealed that he remembered getting one mile in before he began erupting. However, the actor could not recall the precise source of his trouble in the stomach.

“[W]hen you’re in Mexico, you eat the wrong thing and inevitably the s*** hits the fan. So I went on an early morning run, and all of a sudden, I started throwing up. So I tried to be ballsy, wiped my mouth, and continued on running, but then all of a sudden it came out the other side. So I had to quickly run to the side of the road and pull my pants down. I tell you, I was in big, big trouble that day. So it was not five miles that day, it was much, much less than that,” the actor said. But his appearance on screen was never pale or sickly rather an energetic survivalist in the classic.

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When a Reddit User Asked Arnold Schwarzenegger About Sh*ting His Pants

Predator Movie Scene. Source: 20th Century Fox

To interact with fans Schwarzenegger his second Reddit AMA where he invited the fans to ask him “some crazy questions.” A Redditor named Donal asked him a simple question, “Did the Predator ever make you sh*t yourself? It did for me when I was younger.” 

Schwarzenegger, rather being honest said, “Not because of the predator. But during the shooting of the movie, I got really sick in Puerto Vallerta. I will spare you the details, but while I was on a run, the runs hit. I ran to the side of the road and some cars driving by got quite the show.” 

The actor never tried to hide the story out of embarrassment rather always being honest with it.

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More on Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger. Source: Paramount Pictures

According to reports online, Schwarzenegger has a new pet pig named Schnelly Schwarzenegger. The actor said that the piglet is getting along well with his other pets in the family- a donkey, a miniature horse, and a dog.

“I always liked that he was into pigs; he has this little pig that he takes everywhere,” Schwarzenegger said,

“So I bought a pig right after that,” the actor admitted. “Only thing is, I must’ve bought the wrong one because, in no time, it was 300 pounds and I could barely lift the son of a gun.”

Further, the actor is set to play The President in the second installment of the Kung Fury franchise, Kong Fury II which will be directed by David Sandberg and scheduled to release this year.


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