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“All of them needs to get their as* kicked”: Black Adam Star Dwayne Johnson Did Not Hold Back While Mocking Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man and His Avengers Co-stars

"All of them needs to get their as* kicked": Black Adam Star Dwayne Johnson Did Not Hold Back While Mocking Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man and His Avengers Co-stars

Although most actors associated with the comic book genre have refused to take sides in the Marvel vs DC debate, on the contrary,  Dwayne Johnson hasn’t shied away from igniting this battle. Despite being the biggest movie star in the industry, the Black Adam star has showcased his bias towards the DC brand.

Even though the Black Adam star does share a colossal respect for Marvel and its heroes, The Rock hasn’t shied away from jokingly blasting the franchise through his unequaled mic skills. And no Marvel star has been immune from Johnson’s unparalleled roasting.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson blasted the Avengers in his charming The Rock fashion

One of the defining aspects of The Rock during his tenure in the Attitude Era was his exceptional promotion skills and it appears that Dwayne Johnson hasn’t shied away from implementing them in his Hollywood career. Although he has previously shared his respect for Marvel, when it comes to picking sides, Johnson has always been a DC guy and hasn’t shied away from hilariously blasting Robert Downey Jr. and his Avengers members in The Rock’s charming fashion. He once stated,

“If I could pull a real celebrity into the world of Jumanji like I have myself and my castmates, I would have to say, here’s the thing, it’s not one celebrity that I’ll pull in, no no no no, I’ll pull them all in, and the all who is I’m talking about are the Avengers, I’ll pull them all in, all of them needs to get their as* kicked because it’s DC babies, that’s how we roll”

And it wasn’t the only instance when Johnson used his immense mic skills against the Marvel roster. During the 2018’s MTV awards, the duo of The Rock and Kevin Hart jokingly mocked some Marvel stars, including Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth.

Dwayne Johnson blasted Marvel
Dwayne Johnson blasted Marvel

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Dwayne Johnson is open to returning to DCU

Although Dwayne Johnson has blasted Marvel with his exceptional mic skills, he has shared an overwhelming love for the DC franchise. And even though his future as Black Adam is currently under wraps with James Gunn rebuilding the DC universe from scratch, the actor has acknowledged Gunn’s vision for the DC universe.

And even though the Black Adam actor has been sidelined from the initial chapters of DCU, The Rock has been open to marking his return under the new leadership of James Gunn in the future.

Black Adam
Black Adam

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Considering the current landscape of DCU, it may be a long while before we see Johnson back in the form of Teth Adam in James Gunn’s new DCU. And even though the character has been sidelined from the frontline DCU at the present, after the completion of the initial DCU chapters, we might witness The Rock back in action in the DC universe.

Black Adam is available to stream on HBO Max.

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