All Of Us Are Dead: 5 Strongest Students, Ranked By Fighting Skills

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All Of Us Are Dead is a Korean horror-thriller zombie show with a lot of action-packed scenes and surprising turns of events. For the past years, Korean television productions have been quite successful in this trend of media entertainment.


The story follows the lives of Hyosan High School students as they fight for their lives against a zombie invasion. The virus, which was created by a science teacher inside the school lab, quickly spread across the campus. To fend off these zombies, one needs to be physically strong and alert. Below is a list of the top five strongest students from All Of Us Are Dead:

Yang Dae-Su

Dae-Su All Of Us Are Dead


He is one of the toughest kids in the bunch. Dae-Su is considered as the muscle of the group because he has a broad build, and is physically capable of lifting heavy objects. He is also entrusted to hold barriers for others, making him one of the most valuable members of the team.

Usually, he does not launch at zombies or dive straight to fight. But when the team needs stalling, he is the person they count on.

Lee Cheong-San

Cheong-San All Of Us Are Dead


Surprisingly, Cheong-San is a good fighter despite having no sports training whatsoever. He is very agile and fast, and he can also use anything in the room to fight off zombies. Cheong-San managed to survive alone when he was separated from the group. This proves that he can take care of himself.

Although he is not as capable as Su-Hyeok or as intelligent as Joon-Yeong, Cheong-San makes good decisions provided a clear mind. In one of the scenes where he saw his mother turn into a zombie, he lost his wits, and it took him time to recover.

Choi Nam-Ra

Nam-Ra All Of Us Are Dead


She is the class president and the brightest student in their class. In the first few episodes, Nam-Ra was just an ordinary frail girl who would not fight like the rest. But, things changed when Gwi-Nam bit her. Nam-Ra did not turn into a full zombie, but her strength was enhanced.

This turn of events gave the group both an advantage and disadvantage. In most of their fights, Nam-Ra became their powerhouse. But, she still has the zombie blood in her, so the group is not entirely safe at all.

Lee Su-Hyeok

Su-Hyeok All Of Us Are Dead


Su-Hyeok is the proclaimed leader of the group, or so it appears to be. His fighting skill can be likened to a martial artist, and he was a former bully in school, too. Most of the fight scenes are him tackling off zombies and hitting them hard.

As a matter of fact, Su-Hyeok can go toe-to-toe with Gwi-Nam had he been given the same curse.

Yoon Gwi-Nam



Gwi-Nam is undoubtedly the most dangerous student. Even before he was bitten, he was already skilled in fighting because of his history as a school bully. The fact that he became invincible to the zombies only made him the strongest in the bunch.

He has been injured and severed a lot of times, but he keeps coming back alive. His presence in All Of Us Are Dead added so much thrill and tension to the show.


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