‘All of you who made Justice League real, honor her’: Zack Snyder Quotes Deceased Daughter Autumn in Heartfelt Thank You Post To Fans For Making ZSJL Happen

'All of you who made Justice League real, honor her': Zack Snyder Quotes Deceased Daughter Autumn in Heartfelt Thank You Post To Fans For Making ZSJL Happen
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One of the most renowned American filmmakers, Zack Snyder shared an extremely emotional post on Twitter today, remembering his daughter, Autumn Snyder who passed away a few years back.


In his tweet, the Justice League director paid tribute to his deceased daughter and acknowledged DC fans as he expressed his gratitude towards them for believing in his work and playing a significant part in bringing Zack Snyder’s Justice League to life.

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder

After having a lengthy and fruitful relationship with DC, the director bid farewell to Justice League in March 2017 to prioritize his family after his daughter’s demise, with 2021’s Snyder Cut being his last project in the arena. And although fans have been hoping for his return to create more of his signature films ever since his departure, it’s highly unlikely for him to reclaim that position. But regardless of whether or not that happens, Zack Snyder is someone who is dear and beloved to the DC fandom and his recent tweet is one of the many reasons why.


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Zack Snyder thanks fans for ZSJL and asks them to honor his daughter

Zack Snyder shared a heartfelt post on Twitter about his deceased daughter Autumn with a beautiful quote that she “used to sign everything with,” as he asked all his fans to honor her.

“Autumn used to sign everything with this quote – “The goal is not to live forever, but to create something that does.” All of you who made JL real, honor her.”
Not only that, but Snyder also thanked people for supporting him and his films, and especially appreciated his fans for turning Zack Snyder’s Justice League into reality. With Autumn’s quote, he indicating that his films were indeed the creations that would continue to live endlessly in the hearts of people. And he’s certainly right about it, for even after stepping down from Justice League, DC fans still hold immense respect and admiration for the award-winning filmmaker and still clutch films like Dawn of Justice and Man of Steel close to their hearts to this very date.
Snyderverse FandomWire
Zack Snyder’s Justice League
Snyder also showed appreciation for all those who raised funds for mental health awareness through American Foundation for Suicide Prevention past Autumn’s tragic death.
“Not only by your massive fundraising effort for mental health, but by having had a hand in creating something that will live forever. And for that, I am eternally grateful. #AFSP #ZSJL”
Fans too got emotional with the Army of the Dead director’s sentimental message and responded with immense respect and support, expressing their own gratitude toward him and his work and praying for his deceased daughter.

The tragic passing of Autumn Snyder

Autumn Snyder was born in 1996 in China and was adopted by Snyder and his ex-wife Denise Weber when she was just about a year old. She was later raised by his current wife, Deborah Snyder along with their eight other children.


After a long and exhausting fight with depression, Autumn committed suicide at the age of 20, in March 2017, a time which was extremely devastating for Snyder and his family and which ultimately compelled the Watchmen director to prioritize his family over his work.

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Autumn Snyder
Autumn Snyder

Autumn was known for her uncredited role in the Henry Cavill-led Superman movie, Man of Steel which was shepherded by her father. Snyder also paid a heartfelt tribute to her in the end-credit scene of Zack Snyder’s Justice League with the words “For Autumn” being featured on the screen. Ever since her death, Snyder’s fans have managed to raise an enormous sum of about half a million dollars for the AFSP and helped the screenwriter spread more and more awareness with regard to suicide prevention.


Autumn continues to live in the hearts of innumerable fans of Snyder, just the way his work does.

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