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“All right, goddamnit”: Jack Black Irritates the Hell Out of DCU CEO James Gunn to Land Major DC Role in 2023’s Funniest Spoof Video 

“All right, goddamnit”: Jack Black Irritates the Hell Out of DCU CEO James Gunn to Land Major DC Role in 2023’s Funniest Spoof Video 

After the departure of Henry Cavill as Superman, fans are curious about who will be the new Kryptonian in Superman: Legacy. The casting details of the new star are being questioned and the internet is getting filled with rumors relating to the actor, his age, the plot of the movie, and much more.

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Jack Black

Jack Black, who also knew about the DC reboot has also joined this cultural obsession and recently the actor shared a parody video of himself on Instagram, accepting the role of The Last Son of Krypton for the new DCU movie.

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Jack Black’s Spoof Video

On Sunday, the comedian went on Instagram to share the 57 seconds long video with the caption “New Universe”, where he shared the hilarious announcement that he would play the new Superman, after a fake call with James Gunn the DC Co-CEO. 

The video begins with Jack Black sleeping in a poolside daybed, he wakes up after receiving a call from James Gunn, and he answers the phone saying, “What’s up, Jamie Jamie Gunn Gunn? I was just taking a napskie.” 

Jack Black as Superman in his spoof video
Jack Black as Superman in his spoof video

James Gunn on the other side of the phone, asks Black if he’d be interested in playing the role of Superman, he was adamantly said, “I’ve already played all the superheroes,” before accepting the role of the Man of Steel “All right, goddamnit.”

With a spoof theme song playing in the background, the actor takes off in a variety of nonsensical visual effects, everything while he displays his laser vision, superhuman speed, and fighting skills. The video ends with him laying on the table while his father ripples his cape behind him, saying “faster, Dad!”

Henry Cavill as Superman

The video was downright hilarious on its own, but to make things more hilarious James Gunn commented on the post I thought we agreed to save this news for ComicCon. 😐”

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The DC Universe Continues to be Humorous

In recent years, DC Studios have incorporated humor into their movies which is in contrast to the serious theme of the film. Ever since James Gunn has become the Co-CEO of DC fans have talked about the humor that will be present in the films.

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James Gunn

Jack Snyder’s Snyderverse or DCU was much grimmer, but James Gunn’s Peacemaker and Suicide Squad displayed potential for live-action films because of the humor present in them. If DC includes humor in their films as it will lighten the mood, and give a contrast in the film which will make the movie better it will also help the film in being closer to the source material as they had some funny moments between them.

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Source: Jack Black’s Instagram

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