Everything That Is Known About Stranger Things Season 5 So Far

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You’re probably sitting with a few hundred questions in your head after that emotionally draining rollercoaster ride of Stranger Things SO4, Vol 2. The jaw-dropping finale has got us excited for what’s ahead for these nerds. Here’s everything that we know about Stranger Things season 5 so far:


   🚨 Warning: Spoilers ahead!🚨


It will most likely stream in 2024

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Stranger Things Season 5

David Harbour recently talked to GQ and said that the filming for the final season is likely to start in 2023. If we go by their previous filming-to-release timescales, the show could start streaming in mid-2024



The episodes in Season 5 won’t be as lengthy as the ones in Season 4

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Stranger Things Season 5

The Duffer brothers recently told Collider that they’re aiming for 8-10-hour screentime for Season 5 and have no plans to make the season as long as the current one.

A time jump might be happening this time

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Stranger Things Season 5

Since we can’t stop our kids from aging, the writers of the show are working on a time jump to line the ages of the characters more closely with the actors that play them.



We’re going back to Hawkins, Indiana

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On the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the Duffer brothers have confirmed that the final season will take place in the same city where everything began. Hawkins, Indiana,

Vecna is still alive



When Eleven and the boys returns to Hawkins, Will quotes that he can sense Vecna’s presence around. He’ says that Vecna is “hurting but still alive.”



Get ready for some season 1 vibes


Matt Duffer told Collider that since all characters are back to Hawkins, it’s time to re-explore some of the Season 1 dynamics again. However, on a larger scale time


It’s about to get emotional

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Stranger Things Season 5

Matt revealed that when they pitched season 5 to Netflix executives, he saw some of those people cry who he had never seen crying before.

This one’s going to be about Will Byers

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Stranger Things Season 5

Season 5 is going to bring Will Byers into the focus of the storyline. Everything from his connection to Vecna and why he chose him to his association with Upside Down will be explored.


We’re going to see the aftermath of Eddie’s death


While the Duffer brothers have confirmed that Eddie definitely dead. They explained on the Happy Sad Confused podcast that his death will have major repercussions on the survivors in the next season.


Max might be brain dead

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While fans speculated this after Eleven was shouting into the empty blackness of Max’s mind, the Duffer brothers have confirmed that Max is alive with broken bones but her brain is dead.


Season 5 will be the end of the franchise

Stranger Things season 5

The Duffer brothers decided to take things to a final season because they wanted to do justice to the storyline and didn’t want to go down in history as an epic show with a bad ending.


All episodes of season 5 will come out at once

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It has been confirmed by Netflix’s head of scripted series, Peter Friedlander that Season 5 won’t be split up like Season 4.


Will’s sexuality will be talked about

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While we’ve been speculating that Will is gay, his sexuality was never openly discussed during the show. Noah Schnapp, who plays Will recently took to Twitter to explain to the furious ones that his character is only a freshman in high school back and they’re in the 1980s. He might not be ready to come out yet.


There are chances of a spin-off show


The Duffer brothers in conversation with Variety told that they’re getting ideas for a spinoff series to pursue following the final season.





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