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All The Gods Teased In The MCU So Far

The new Disney+ series, Moon Knight, features Egyptian gods. Khonshu and Ammit play a prominent role in the series. This inculcation of Egyptian deities into the MCU prompts us to question, what all gods exist in this shared universe? It seems that there are quite a few groups of gods in the MCU. Many of these, like the Norse and Egyptian gods, are adapted from their respective mythologies. In this article, we’ll take a look at the various sets of gods that share the MCU and try to make sense of the whole phenomenon.

The Egyptian Gods From Moon Knight In The MCU

All the gods of MCU

Khonshu and Ammit, as stated earlier, are two gods adapted from Egyptian mythology in Moon Knight. They are quite menacing and shady. Their rivalry and conflict have made the show very interesting to watch. These deities are different from the Norse gods. The former is much more animalistic, in line with their real-world depiction in Egyptian Mythology.

The Norse Gods In The MCU

All the gods of MCU
Thor in the MCU

The most prominent gods in the MCU are the ones from Norse mythology. These include Thor, Odin, Loki, Hela, Bor, Heimdall, Frigga, Sif, and Tyr. These beings self-identify as gods and have a big influence on the MCU. They feature in a number of productions and are quite popular with fans. They make appearances in the Thor and Avenger movies and are heavily inspired by their real-life counterparts.

Greek Gods make a debut in Thor: Love and Thunder

All the gods of MCU
A poster of the film

Greek Gods have yet to make their appearance in the MCU. On the other hand, these Greek Gods have featured in the DCEU line of movies like Shazam, Wonder Woman, and Justice League. However, they do feature in the Marvel Comics. This changes with the upcoming film, Thor: Love and Thunder, where Russell Crowe has been confirmed to play the role of the Greek God Zeus in the film.

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The Celestials Are Different Type Of MCU Gods

All the gods of MCU
A Celestial God

Then there are the Celestials. In Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, Ego the Living Planet reveals that he and his fellow celestials are gods. These Celestials are another group of gods that exist in the MCU. Other gods of this group include Tiamut the Communicator, Jemiah the Analyzer, Arishem the Judge, Hargen the Measurer, and Escon the Searcher.

Making Sense Of All The MCU Gods

All the gods of MCU
Loki from the MCU

All these groups of gods share the MCU. However, there is some lack of clarity as to who all qualify as gods in this shared universe. Moreover, what separates a god from other beings is yet to be fully understood. Having said all that, it is true that the addition of these deities from real-life mythologies makes the MCU quite lively and interesting. What do you think of these gods in the MCU? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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