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“All the propaganda about it not being successful is pointless”: The Little Mermaid Officially Surpasses ‘Shazam 2’ $133M Collection, Earns $200M in Record 7 Days

"All the propaganda about it not being successful is pointless": The Little Mermaid Officially Surpasses 'Shazam 2' $133M Collection, Earns $200M in Record 7 Days

Despite all the backlash that The Little Mermaid got before its release, it has all subsided because of how stunning the movie turned out to be. Things have been looking rather positive for the movie as well as Halle Bailey. The unnecessary hate all died down after a while and the movie keeps proving again and again just how incredible it is.

Halle Bailey as The Little Mermaid
Halle Bailey as The Little Mermaid

While many movies may underperform after there are minimal expectations for them, quite a few prove otherwise. They would completely live beyond the audience’s expectations and that benefits the earnings of the movie as well. Such is the case with The Little Mermaid as the movie has already made a whopping amount of money, much in contrast to Shazam! Fury of the Gods. 

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The Little Mermaid Beats Shazam! Fury of the Gods

While the overall run for Zachary Levi’s Shazam! Fury of the Gods made a total of $133 Million in the worldwide box office, Halle Bailey’s The Little Mermaid has already made way over that in only its opening week. The movie earned over $200 Million in seven days. While neither movie had massive expectations before its release, one managed to break the stigma and the other did worse than anticipated.

Zachary Levi
Zachary Levi in Shazam! 2

Halle Bailey’s performance is being praised heavily with constant comments about how no amount of criticism could have stopped the actress from giving a spectacular performance in the movie. The movie has surpassed expectations beyond compare and has received a lot of love. On the other hand, Shazam! 2 faced constant criticism. It had various factors that did not sit well with the audience and because of that, it could not make more than or even reach the expectations by a mile. The movie proved to be an epic flop and fans were not very fond of it, sure that Levi might not return to the DC Universe.

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Fans Celebrate The Little Mermaid’s Success

Halle Bailey as The Little Mermaid
Halle Bailey as The Little Mermaid

Fans are overjoyed upon learning about The Little Mermaid’s success. Seeing the movie that was initially so pushed down for no reason whatsoever rising as beautifully as it is has brought happiness to the fans. Even with some fading backlash, the reviews of the movie are mostly positive.

Seeing the live-action version of a movie that was so dearly loved, being a part of many people’s childhood, and adding to others, Halle Bailey certainly made a mark in the Hollywood industry. Many are even calling it the movie of the year.

The Little Mermaid is now available to watch in theatres.

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