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10 Best Allies of Black Widow Who Fought By Her In Marvel Universe

It may seem unlikely, but even the lone wolf of the Marvel Universe, Black Widow has sought help from allies. Growing up without a family or friends and being trained as a spy in the Red Room didn’t leave much room for trust. But when that heart did melt, it meant a big deal. She didn’t have plenty of friends, but those who stuck around were her most trusted allies. Though rare, these set of friends were lucky to earn the spy’s faithfulness, for she’d do anything for them. Find out the 10 best allies of Black Widow who fought by her in the Marvel Universe. 

Winter Soldier

As victims of Russian agents, these two deadliest spies have crossed paths many times. Black Widow and the Winter Soldier were also in love until the Russian powerhouses separated them. 

Yelena Belova

Natasha and Yelena are currently one of the newest and most popular duos in the MCU. The fiercest Black Widows to ever emerge from the Red Room, these two women share an interesting relationship. Over the years, they have been each other’s worst enemies and the best allies. Despite all their differences and skirmishes, Yelena and Natasha share a mutual love and are protective of each other.

Captain America

Natasha and Steve Rogers are GOALS! They have had each other’s back through thick and thin. Black Widow and Cap go way back to World War II when the latter saved her from the Hand who wished to turn her into a brainwashed assassin. Needless to say, this duo has also fought together as Earth’s mightiest heroes, Avengers. Even in the MCU, she risked her life and job in saving Steve from Agent Ross during the Civil War. Apart from being battle allies, Natasha also showed up for Steve as a friend at Peggy’s funeral.


Hawkeye aka Clint Barton has been Natasha’s most constant and trusted friend across the comic books and movies. These two will literally go till death to save each other. While Hawkeye helped her during the Budapest mission, Natasha sacrificed her life for him in Avengers: Endgame.

Red Widow

Black Widow and Ava Orlova aka Red Widow crossed paths when the former saved her from a Russian gang. She handed the young Ava to SHIELD and trusted them to take her responsibility. Unfortunately, they kept her locked in for years before she finally escaped to become the Red Widow. 

Captain Marvel

Yes, believe it or not, but Captain Marvel and Black Widow have been on several missions together. They go long before Carol Danvers gained her powers to become Ms Marvel. Nat and Carol had teamed up with Nick Fury once to rescue Wolverine from HYDRA.

Maria Hill

There isn’t much to explore in this relationship in the cinematic universe, but the comic books have documented their best moments. Black Widow and Maria Hill became very close during their days at the SHIELD. In fact, Natasha had also avenged Maria’s fake death by going after Taskmaster. 


Daredevil and Black Widow used to be a couple and even lived together for some time. Though they eventually parted ways, Natasha and Matt Murdock still share a healthy bond.

Nick Fury

Black Widow and Nick Fury have been like family and allies for years. However, both the versions of Nick Fury in the books and movies are completely different. Samuel L. Jackson’s Fury was influenced by the original one’s son. Whereas, it was the original Nick Fury in the comic books to be close to Natasha and bring her to America. 

Iron Man

Tony Stark aka Iron Man met Black Widow during her early notorious days as a Russian spy. She eventually decided to leave her organization and joined the hero to redeem for her red ledger.

Written by Ipshita Barua