Almost All AMC Theaters To Re-Open In July


AMC theatres have announced their reopening in July along with a statement claiming a loss of  2 billion dollars due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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After almost three months of lockdown which caused the theatres to stay shut, AMC, the largest chain of cinemas around the world, is planning on opening in July.


However, the reopening will be followed by specific safety regulations and social distancing measures.

 What to expect?


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As the safety of the customers is going to be of the utmost importance, some states are advising 25% capacity.


It is also going to be followed by a six feet distancing measure.

In California, theatres are asked to used disposable seat covers to maintain safety.


They will be taking the help of Clorox and will be looking into high-tech vacuums to sanitize automatically.

What are their concerns?


AMC Theatre Reopen

There have been questions of sales following the pandemic. Theatres are unsure if people will be coming to watch movies while risking getting infected.


However, analysts are citing that people are willing to come to watch movies. People really want to get back to their normal lives. 

 What’s next?



Another theatre chain Cinemark is planning on reopening their theatres from June 19 itself. All of the theatre companies are planning on equipping aggressive safety measures and marketing schemes to produce consumer demand. As Christopher Nolan’s Tenet and Russell Crowe’s Unhinged are set to be released in July. So people are hoping to get to watch these movies that they’ve been waiting for. 




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