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10 Amazing Doc Ock Quotes From Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 To Make Your Day

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 is considered one of the greatest superhero movies of all time. Fans are thrilled after hearing the news of the MCU sequel Spider-Man: No Way Home, coming this December. Fans are more excited for the return of Alfred Molina in the role of Otto Octavius, aka Doc Ock. While fans wait for the sequel to come, they can enjoy 10 amazing Doc Ock quotes to make your day even better.

1.” Love Should Never Be A Secret.”

Before becoming enemies, Octavius helped Peter with a school assignment as a mentor. He also guided Peter in his studies and gave some helpful advice on confessing his love for Mary Jane. It’s a rare moment when a villain helps the hero this way.

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2. “You Have A Train To Catch.”

The battle between Spider-Man and Doc Ock on a speeding train through New York City is one of the best iconic sequences in any superhero movie. When Doc Ock destroys the breaks and makes jokes about Peter catching a train, he perfectly describes what a fun villain looks like.

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3. “You’ve Stuck Your Webs Into My Business For The Last Time!”

In the scene where Spider-Man and Doc Ock have a face-off, Ock says a typical Marvel comics villain line that was hilarious.

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4. “Butterfingers.”

Whenever Octavius uses his mechanical arms, he stoops into becoming an evil guy. After he uses Aunt May as a hostage to steal from a bank, he hangs on the side of a building. Spider-Man tried to convince Ock to hand over Aunt May, but instead, Ock dropped her and shamelessly blamed it on “Butterfingers”. This proves that he can be a fun villain.

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5. “That’s Right… The Real Crime Would Be Not To Finish What We Started.”

Doc Ock’s mechanical arms have a significant influence on him. After the accident destroys Ock’s inhibitor chip, he starts having an impromptu conversation with these robotic limbs as if they were true devils lying on his shoulder. It becomes even more fascinating when the arms convince Ock to do bad things.

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6. “Listen To Me Now!”

Peter successfully convinced Doc Ock that his machine needed to be shut down or it would destroy the whole city. But then the main part was to convince his arms. Ock finally uses his willpower and overcomes them to listen to him.

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7. “I Will Not Die A Monster.”

Doc Ock was Spider-Man’s greatest enemy in the comics, but Spider-man 2 made him a tragic villain in the end. But, when his device started overloading, which was a sure sign that it would destroy the city, Doc realised the only way to stop it was to throw them into the river. He knew that this would kill him as well, but before dying, he claimed to be back at any cost.

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8. “The Power Of The Sun In The Palm Of My Hand.”

Doc Ock does get a bit corrupted by the mechanical arms following an accident, which makes clear that he has already developed a god complex due to the experiment he made. When the experimented fusion power rushes in, he says, “The power of the sun in the palm of my hand”. The line is often repeated throughout the movie then.

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9. “Peter Parker? Brilliant But Lazy.”

Next in the list of amazing Doc Ock quotes comes this one. Spider-Man was able to knock some senses in Doc Ock during the climactic battle in Spider-Man 2. He is shaken from inside and recognises Peter as the young student he formed a bond with.

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10.“Find Him. Or I’ll Peel The Flesh Off Her Bones.”

Doc Ock is such an incredible villain because of his intimidating attitude. Doc showed how threatening he could be when he throws a car through a cafe window and grabs Mary Jane. The way the mechanical arm bangs made everything even more memorable.

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