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9 Amazing Facts about US Agent, the Evil Captain America Coming to Disney+

The US Agent is all set to appear as a villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney+ Web-Series The falcon and The Winter Soldier. We know so little about this evil version of Captain America. Who is John Walker aka the US Agent? Let’s find out.

Does Not Believe in Captain America

US Agent was originally called the Super Patriot. When Captain America was not around to play Super Soldier, John Walker came forward to show the people of the United States the ‘true’ American Dream. He started vocally discrediting Captain America and his actions. He then staged three separate terrorist attacks on US Soil that he then ‘thwarted’ to show the people he is the real deal. One of his darkest moments as Super Patriot was killing a terrorist in cold blood after he threatened to detonate a nuclear bomb in his possession right in the heart of New York City. The execution was public and extremely graphic.

Was Once an Avenger

John Walker started out as a super villain. His death was then faked to give him a newer and better identity. Now called the US Agent, he became a reserve member and watchdog of the West Coast Avengers set up by Vision. His actual responsibility was to report on the West Coast Avengers’ actions to the higher authorities. The West Coast Avengers was soon dissolved. Walker was persuaded by Scarlet Witch to join Tony Stark’s new superhero team Force Works. Both Tony and Wanda believed that US Agent’s ideals of moral strength and military dedication were vital for the team to work together.

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Was a Corporate Enforcer

John Walker claims he has his own idea of the ‘American Dream’. But for all his big talks, he surely does like being paid the big bucks for becoming the primary hit-man of large corporations. Edwin Cord is the founder and head of Cordco, a huge conglomerate that could rival Stark Industries in money and influence. US Agent was hired by Cord to lead a group of Cordco sponsored superheroes called the Jury. John Walker led the Jury in their fight against the Thunderbolts, who had destroyed and stolen Cordco property. He then led the fight against Brute Force and the members of the Secret Empire.

Leader of the Dark Avengers

Well not exactly their de facto leader but he did lead the team when the Dark Avengers when they were trapped in an alternate reality version of NYC. John Walker was actually the part of the security detail that was supposed to hand over the Dark Avengers to the prison authorities. He wakes up in the heart of New York in an alternate reality where the city has been divided into several zones with each zone under the control of a superhero. It is later revealed after US Agent investigates further that it was the doing of A.I.M. They had altered reality to create pocket timelines and were aiming to harvest the technology that the people of each pocket would come up with. Walker leads the Dark Avengers out of that reality and into the real world.

Early Retirement

John Walker was again recruited into the fold of the Avengers when Scarlet Witch, who was actually Loki in disguise, convinced him to come back. The Mighty Avengers then fought Norman Osborn’s Thunderbolts. Nuke fought John Walker and mercilessly beat him to a pulp. He later ripped Walker’s arm and leg, making him a double amputee. Walker retired from active duty and refused to wear any prosthetic to make him look as ugly as the cybernetic Nuke. Having an iron hook for a hand and a metal stub for a leg, the US Agent was still considered strong enough to become the Warden of the Raft, the super villain prison facility.

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Was Pro-SRA during Civil War

John Walker was one of the few government sanctioned superheroes that believed in the Superhuman Registration Act even before it was declared. He knew about the bill before it was floored in the Senate Meeting. As part of his duty to the authorities to enforce the rule all over the continent, John Walker was sent to become the leader of the Canadian Superhero Team Omega Flight. Canada also had a similar law in place called the Super-Powers Registration Act. A number of super humans tried escaping America and get into Canada. Omega Flight’s task was to capture all defectors and bring them back to US Soil.

Bonded With the Venom Symbiote

Remember how we told you about Walker leading the Dark Avengers in an alternate reality version of New York? A lot happened when he assumed that role. Walker was missing two limbs at that time all thanks to Nuke of the Thunderbolts ripping them straight out of his body. He wore a metal hook for an arm. Then the US Agent was forced to bond with the Venom Symbiote of that reality. The symbiote binding granted walker a regenerative healing factor. As the new Venom, Walker regrew his lost arm and leg and was whole again.

Underwent the Power Broker Process

The US Agent underwent the highly dangerous Power Broker procedure. As part of the results of that treatment, he gained some superhuman physical attributes. US Agent can easily lift 10 tons. He has superhuman agility and dexterity. He also possesses superhuman durability. His muscles are harder and will not take damage from knives and small-arms although high caliber weapons can still hurt him. Walker also gained superior stamina. His muscles produce far too little fatigue toxins. He can keep going for days without feeling tired.

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Weird Obsession with Captain America

For a man who hates Captain America, he sure has a weird obsession with Steve Rogers. Walker originally wanted to replace Captain America as the new leader of the Avengers and the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as Super Patriot. He has the shield of an alternate reality Captain America painted on the chest portion of his costume. He has consistently tried to impersonate or assume the mantle of the Super Soldier. After Falcon took over the mantle, Walker even tried to take the Shield from him and become Captain America again during the events of Secret Empire.


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