Amazon Prime – 8 Most Anticipated Movies Coming This August

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Amazon Prime is loaded with a lot of amazing movies for their August slate. Before the coronavirus blues get under your skin, let’s take a look at some of the movies on Prime you could look forward to.


3:10 to Yuma – August 1

The original movie of the same name was released way back in 1957. It starred Glenn Ford and Van Heflin in lead roles and was directed by the legendary Delmer Daves. It was a classic and a fan of good old Americana would love it as many times as he watches it. The remake starring Russell Crowe and Christian Bale makes a good attempt at recreating that same magic that happened in 1957. They almost manage to capture the essence of the story. Christian Bale plays Dan Evans, a small time ranch owner who has to escort notorious outlaw Ben Wade and hand him over to the authorities. The reward is a paltry sum of a mere 200 Dollars but Evans intends to use the money to regain his honor and retrieve his barn from a ruthless shark by the name of Glen Hollander.


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Bandish Bandits – August 4

Amazon Prime is going full Frankenstein with all sorts of experiments in search of finding the one theme that clicks with a global audience. Their quest has led them to the land of colors – India and Amazon intends to create a movie with a distinctive Bollywood tinge. Bandish Bandits is a tale of how two polar opposites set aside their differences and come together to start a new life. Radhe is a classical singer specializing in Carnatic Indian Music. Tamanna is a contemporary porn star. There is also an apparently very good music score by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, a popular trio of music producers from India. The movie has Naseeruddin Shah. You may popularly know him as Captain Nemo from the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


Arkansas – August 5

Liam Hemsworth plays Kyle and Clark Duke plays Swin. Kyle and Swin are two low life criminals that do small time illegal jobs and rackets to make money. The ring for which they work for has a powerful drug overlord and criminal kingpin they have never met in their lives, always dealing with him via a network of middle-men. But after a series of mistakes by Kyle and Swin, they catch the attention of their handler and sets the trio on a collision course. Now Kyle and Swin have to use whatever they have to get themselves out of this mess.

Capone – August 10


Capone had a very bad timing for release. It premiered at the peak of the Coronavirus Pandemic on May 12, 2020. Tom Hardy has not been up and about on his luck lately. He gives one of his career bests when playing the eponuymous lead character in Capone. Capone is a movie that every fan of the gangster genre should watch. If you like Tom Hardy as an actor, do give it a shot. It tells the story of the final days of Al Capone (played by Hardy), the greatest gangster that ever lived, as he plunges into the dark abyss of dementia.

Bloodshot – August 12

If you are a Vin Diesel fan, you probably know about his superhero movie Bloodshot. The movie is based on a superhero of Valiant Comics. Bloodshot is a super soldier who was designed with the best in class nano technology that gives him incredible super powers. Diesel portrays the role of Ray Garrison. He acts as a mercenary for hire by a shady organization, who loans his services to the highest bidder. Bloodshot has had extensive memory manipulation with fake memories implanted into his brain before every mission. This makes him consider the mission to be of a personal vendetta because of the fake memories making his target look like the bad guy who took everything from him. Bloodshot is like Wolverine, but with a lot less magic and lot more shallow plot elements.


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Chemical Hearts – August 21

Amazon Prime has a history of making some really good romantic comedies. This time they take their inspiration from a best-selling novel Chemical Hearts, written by Krystal Sutherland. Austin Abrams plays Henry Page, the lead protagonist of the movie. Henry Page is a hopeless romantic. He has never fallen in love but considers himself one of the greatest authorities on the subject. Then one day a girl named Grace Town, played by Lily Reinhart of Riverdale fame, enters his class. Henry finds himself being attracted towards the new girl in town. He does not want to address those feelings because he believes life has something better in store for him. Then the two eventually fall in love together after they do a class project together.


The Legion – August 22

A historical war drama movie is not everybody’s cup of tea. The last such movie that was memorable enough was Troy. After that it has been decades since a good medieval war drama movie could put us at the edges of our seats. Maybe The Legion could do the trick. Two Roman Legions are caught in the snowy traps Armenia during the historical invasion pf Parthia. Without food, water or aid of any sort, the legions are almost on the verge of being annihilated. The reinforcements are still two weeks away. The Romans’ only hope is a Half Roman soldier by the name of Noreno, who is given the task of traversing the tricky freezing plains of Armenia and save his brethren.

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Primal – August 31

Primal is a movie that might be intriguing to a lot of folks here. The primary reason we included the movie on this list is because it has Nicholas Cage. We know that the guy is well past his prime and should just quit while he is ahead. But Primal is an actually well-written movie despite what the critics have to say. Nicholas Cage plays Frank Walsh, a hunter and collector of rare animals. He has recently caught a rare White Jaguar, which he has loaded onto a ship and is bound for a zoo, where he will be getting a big fat check. Little does he know that there is another prisoner along with the Jaguar on the ship – a political assassin being sent to the USA as part of an extradition pact! The assassin has escaped from captivity and it is up to Walsh to capture the prisoner alive.


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