Amber Heard Claims Johnny Depp Didn’t Want Her to Act, Would Get “Angry”

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After Johnny Depp, it was the turn of Amber Heard to take the stand and give her testimony in the ongoing trial. In the course of her statements, she leveled several allegations against her ex-husband Johnny Depp. These include allegations of violence and abuse. On her second day on the stand, Heard alleged that Depp actively discouraged her from working. She described her ordeal as a “constant battle and negotiation.”


This along with earlier allegations of violence by Depp are very damaging to the reputation of the Jack Sparrow actor. We take a closer look at the allegations made by Heard regarding Depp interfering with her work in this article. What do you think about this whole matter? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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Amber Heard Alleges That Johnny Depp Discouraged Her From Acting

Amber heard claims Johnny Depp prevented her from working
A Picture of Amber Heard from the trial

On the second day of her testimony, Amber Heard alleged that Depp would get “angry” at her for fielding scripts, auditioning for roles, and meeting with production teams. Heard claimed that Depp was very controlling when it came to her acting. She stated that “He said, ‘I’m trying to look out for you. You’re saying you don’t want to be objectified, but you’re doing it.’ It got more narrow and more narrow about what I could do.”

Explaining her ordeal, Amber Heard said in court that it was  “hard for me to work, justify working. Every audition, every meeting, every script I got was a negotiation or a fight. I had to justify it as if I was to say, ‘Hey, let’s have an open relationship.’ I’ve always been really independent, and I never imagined not working. I’ve worked from the earliest time I can imagine. I come from parents who worked until they literally couldn’t anymore. I never imagined myself having to explain my job or justify my job, but I did.”

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The Depp vs. Heard Saga

Amber heard claims Johnny Depp prevented her from working
Depp and Heard, the estranged couple

Depp and Heard had a short-lived marriage that ended in a very public and bitter divorce. There were allegations of abuse and violence from both sides. These allegations harmed their careers and brought a lot of bad press for them. Amidst all this, Depp unsuccessfully sued a British newspaper in the UK for defamation. After his loss, he was dropped from some major roles.

Following that, he filed a fresh lawsuit claiming 50 million dollars in the US against Amber Heard for an op-ed that she penned for the Washington Post. This piece was about abusive relationships in 2018 and was titled: “Amber Heard: I spoke up against sexual violence — and faced our culture’s wrath. That has to change“ Though the article did not name Depp directly, the actor claimed that it hurt his career. The trial for the said lawsuit started in April 2022.

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