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Amber Heard Fans Express Shock as She’s Branded Most Hated Woman in America: ‘She taught herself ASL to communicate with the deaf’

Amber Heard Fans Express Shock as She's Branded Most Hated Woman in America: 'She taught herself ASL to communicate with the deaf'

While the defamation trial has ended, Amber Heard’s popularity has been widely affected. Thanks to the courtroom ordeal between her and her ex-husband Johnny Depp, she is now at the front and center of criticism after criticism. Twitter is always flooded with anti-Amber Heard tweets and the actress just cannot seem to catch a break!

Amber Heard
Amber Heard during the trial

There might only be a handful of people who don’t know at least the bits and pieces of the trial. Even if someone didn’t follow the case from start to end, the Internet was full to the brim with memes from the courtroom. While sides were obviously picked, Amber Heard was definitely on the lower end of the likeability scale with the majority taking the side of Johnny Depp. Therefore, it did not come as a surprise when Amber Heard got ranked as the most hated woman in the United States.

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The Most Hated Woman in the US – Amber Heard

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

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A Q Score is an old measure of popularity and likeability given to people. While this means of measurement isn’t too popular anymore, everyone still has a Q Score to their name (except politicians, religious leaders, and royalty). The CEO of the company the Q Score was made for, Henry Schafer describes the Q Score as “the measurement of personality likeability.”

So, thanks to this old measure, we now know who people love and who they absolutely do not. A separate list for men and women, both positive and negative, gives us a little insight into the popularity of celebrities today. The higher the Q Score, the better the popularity. While actress Sandra Bullock bags the positive top spot for female celebrities, the number one negative spot is held by Amber Heard. Given the recent events, we all know why.

It is certainly interesting to note that while Heard is the number one most hated woman in the United States, Johnny Depp stays at number eight on the list of positive scores. Says a lot about which side was picked the most in the trial, right?

Other celebrities with positive scores include Dwayne Johnson, Morgan Freeman, Ryan Reynolds, Meryl Streep, Dolly Parton, etc. As for the negative scores, Jerry Springer tops the list and is accompanied by Elon Musk, Machine Gun Kelly, etc. Three Kardashians have also made their way to the negative list.

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Amber Heard has the Support of her Fans

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

Even if the majority of the audience stands against Heard, there is a small, tiny percentage of people who have got the actress’ back. Taking to Twitter to disagree with the list, a supporter who goes by the username @lovingheard stated everything good the actress has done in her life. This includes learning ASL to communicate with fans, supporting bills to protect American women, supporting the LGBTQ+ community, and so on. Heard’s fans are also tweeting in support of the actress.

Despite what Heard’s fans have to say, the Q Score has stated loud and clear that she isn’t in the good books of the entertainment industry-loving people. However, that doesn’t stop her fans from praising her on the Internet, even if the numbers are low. Do you agree with the Q Score or do you think Heard’s fans have a point?

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Written by Mishkaat Khan

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