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‘No One’s Going to Produce Her Movies’: Amber Heard Ex-agent Says Hollywood Has Blacklisted Her After Losing Trial


We all know why Amber Heard is one of the most hated actresses of this time. This is because of the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial, testimonies appeared on social media about the actress and she got blacklisted by some producers in the Hollywood industry.

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Amber Heard is coming back with original concept film
Amber Heard is coming back with an original concept film

Rumor says the actress will not able to take part in any of the film projects. Her former agent, Jeffrey Nightbyrd, acknowledged that the actress will start producing films because no one in the industry will take her back or sign her.

Is Amber Heard Blacklisted? Upcoming Hollywood Projects Analyzed

Amber Heard's ex-agent predicts upcoming original concept project
Amber Heard’s ex-agent predicts the upcoming original concept project

Jeffrey Nightbyrd started working with the actress when she was 17 years old. Although, they stopped their professional relationship before she joined Aquaman, in 2018. He addressed:

“No one is going to produce her, so she should produce her own”.

“I would bet one day Amber will produce and direct a film with an original concept.”

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He also added that the actress will formulate a new position that will change conventional review, comparing a chance with Johnny Depp’s projects.

“Johnny Depp has been working on meaningful projects for the last year and a half, Amber got captured thinking money was the goal. She should learn from those people.”

Amber Heard meets Johnny Depp secretly
Amber Heard meets Johnny Depp secretly

Previously, the actress lost a defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband Johnny Depp. The jurors concluded the actress defamed Johnny Depp in her Washington Post oped. She will have to pay the amount of $10 million in damages to Johnny Depp. Reports revealed that Johnny Depp and his ex-wife met secretly on Monday, to negotiate a discount because the actress said that she does not have enough money to pay her ex-husband.

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Another report conveys that her former agent says that even if the Aquaman star is blacklisted by Hollywood, she will make her recovery and come back to the big screen with an original concept film. However, netizens are curious about her upcoming projects. Her former agent Jeffrey Nightbyrd has since stepped forward, saying that her career in Hollywood is not over yet. And also hate on social media during and after the trial, lead netizens even to take off petitions for her to be fired from the movie project and somehow it’s working.

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Written by Shreeparna Das