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Amber Heard “Laser focused on her work” after Johnny Depp Trial Humiliation Destroyed Her Empire

Amber Heard "Laser focused on her work" after Johnny Depp Trial Humiliation Destroyed Her Empire

Amber Heard, the talented actress known for her role in Aquaman, has made a remarkable comeback after facing a challenging defamation trial against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. Her return to the big screen is marked by the premiere of a gripping psychological thriller titled In the Fire at the prestigious Taormina Film Festival in Italy last weekend.

Amber Heard all set to return to the big screen
Amber Heard is all set to return to the big screen

Director Conor Allyn and co-star Luca Calvani had nothing but praise for Heard, highlighting her confident performance in the movie. Despite previous rumors suggesting she might leave the film industry, Heard’s triumphant return proves her unwavering dedication to her craft. Following her recent move to the capital city of Madrid in Spain, rumors surrounding her exit from the film industry gained momentum. However, in a TikTok video shared with her fans, the talented actress reassured them that she had no intention of quitting. In fact, she excitedly revealed that she had multiple projects in the pipeline.

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Amber Heard Receives Praises From In The Fire Director Conor Allyn

In an interview with Deadline, director of Amber Heard‘s comeback movie, In The Fire, Connor Allyn heaps of praise for the actor’s resiliency and determination towards her work.

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He revealed that Heard immediately joined their movie right after the UK trial, and once the filming wrapped up, she went straight to Virginia for her second trial. Allyn expressed his admiration for her remarkable performance, considering the tumultuous events happening in her personal life.

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Shooting in remote locations in southern Italy and Guatemala, Amber Heard’s focused and professional demeanor shone through, leaving no room for distractions. She fully immersed herself in her character and the film, In the Fire, demonstrating her ability to channel her energy into her work, minimizing anxiety and worries about other matters.


“I think she is terrific in the movie and, and I’m sure that was very difficult with all this other stuff going on. Whenever you’re doing a location movie, you’re away from the world and we were shooting in pretty remote locations in southern Italy and Guatemala. Amber’s personality is such that I think she’s laser focused on the work. She was incredibly tuned into what we were doing, rehearsing and all that stuff. She was deep in her character and In the Fire during that period. I think that helped her, just reducing the amount of space that was available for anxiety, worrying about that other stuff.”

A still from In the Fire
A still from In the Fire

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Everything We Know About In The Fire

“In the Fire” showcases Amber Heard’s versatile talent as she portrays a psychiatrist hailing from New York during the 1890s. The gripping storyline takes us to South America, where she embarks on a journey to treat a young boy possessing enigmatic powers. However, her arrival is met with skepticism and mistrust from the locals due to both her gender and her practice of groundbreaking new science, which coincides with the emergence of Sigmund Freud’s published works.

“Set in 1899, the film follows a 38-year-old American psychiatrist as she arrives on a rich farm in Colombia after being called to solve the case of a disturbed child following increasingly insistent accusations that the child is the devil,” a film synopsis reads.

Joining Heard in this amazing set the cast is Eduardo Noriega, renowned for his compelling performances in acclaimed Spanish language films by director Alejandro Amenábar, such as Open Your Eyes (1997) and Thesis (1996). Additionally, the talented Luca Calvani, known for his role in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., adds further depth to the film.

Amber Heard in a still from her comeback movie
Amber Heard in a still from her comeback movie

Young actor Lorenzo McGovern Zaini portrays the troubled child Martin Marquez, while Sophie Amber, a gifted performer, and ballerina, takes on the character of Isabelle under her stage name Sophie Cannell, delivering a memorable performance alongside the rest of the talented ensemble.

There is no official date of release for In The Fire yet though the movie has premiered at the Taormina Film Festival.

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Source: Deadline

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