Amber Heard May Face Another Multi-Million Dollar Dog Smuggling Lawsuit

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Apart from the defamation lawsuit, Amber Heard might face another case. The actress was sued by the Pirates of the Caribbean actor for $50 million. This was due to an article she wrote in the Washington Post. She did not mention the name of the actor but did call herself a survivor of abuse. And she had already blamed the actor for the same after their divorce in 2015. The actress has countersued him for $100 million. But Australian authority has also charged her with dog smuggling and also perjury during the case.


Amber Heard might face a lawsuit for dog smuggling

Amber Heard might face a lawsuit for dog smuggling
Amber Heard might face a lawsuit for dog smuggling

In 2015, Amber Heard was charged with dog smuggling by the Australian authorities. Also, they are still investigating the allegations of perjury against the actress. She had illegally brought Johnny Depp’s two Yorkshire Terriers, Pistol and Boo, to Australia. Also, she falsified immigration documents. The charges were pressed as she brought the dogs without a permit through a private jet and did not follow the 10-day quarantine rule.

Amber Heard is charged for perjury
Amber Heard is charged with perjury

The lawyer reasoned that it was due to the actress being jetlagged. And that she thought that paperwork had been done. The Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment has said that they are still investigating the matter. Also added, “The department is seeking to obtain witness statements, and once obtained, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions will consider whether the evidence is sufficient to warrant pursuance of the matter.”


It is due to the statement of Kevin Murphy. He claimed that the actress made him lie. He said, “She wanted me to say essentially that it was my fault in one way or another that the paperwork wasn’t completed so that I could take the blame for her.”

Amber Heard’s team is against the new investigation

Amber Heard's team of attornies isn't happy with the new lawsuit
Amber Heard’s team of attornies isn’t happy with the new lawsuit

The attorney team of Amber Heard is not pleased by the new investigation going on. They said, “It is truly inconceivable, and we are confident it is not true, that either the Australian Government or the FBI, would embrace a policy of further pursuing and victimizing a person who has already been adjudicated to be the victim of domestic violence.”

The trial is on hiatus this week and will resume on Monday, May 16.


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