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Amber Heard Recalls Escaping Johnny Depp’s Private ‘Hell’ Island

Depp claims that his reputation has been slandered in an editorial published in December 2018. Depp has now sued Heard for demanding  $50 million in damages. Heard countersued Depp for $100 million in nuisance and immunity from his allegations. The following are some of the most terrifying developments from Amber Heard’s second day on the witness stand:

Depp and Heard locked in a legal battle
Depp and Heard locked in a legal battle.

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Johnny and Amber’s Bahamas trip:

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard also got married on the Bahamas island.
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard also got married on the same Bahamas island.

The Aquaman actress had taken the stand for the second time on May 5th. After outlining the initial phases of their romance, she revealed the incident when he reportedly hit her for the very first time. In August 2014, when Depp finished filming Black Mass, the couple vacationed on his own island in the Bahamas. She said Depp was calm for the first two days but then became irritable. He expressed a strong desire for sex, which is unusual for Johnny. “It was an up and down mood,” she explained. She alleged that Johnny would break into fury at Amber, shouting at her. She recalled him yelling while attempting to upturn a table that was secured to the floor. He was very peaceful at other times, according to Amber. She also stated in the court that “all the time I saved his life, he wouldn’t be doing this without me.”

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What Amber Heard claimed about Johnny’s ‘Hell’ Island:

Amber Heard Giving Testimony.
Amber Heard giving Testimony.

Amber Heard detailed how Johnny reportedly hit her. She said: “I said something to him and he got so angry at me he slapped me across the face, but he did it like crying. It was the weirdest thing, he’s crying, saying no woman has embarrassed him like that, no woman has ever made him feel like that.” Heard told the court: “This was over my head, I don’t know how to detox someone, I don’t know how to help them, I shouldn’t have been there.”

When her lawyer questioned why she was there, Heard answered, “Because he asked me to, I didn’t know that was the most phenomenally dumb idea. I don’t know why the doctors and nurses didn’t tell me not to. I had no idea what that was going to look like or be like and it was hell. You’re on an island, I am trying to take care of him and he was hallucinating and screaming at me for things I said when I hadn’t said anything.”

Depp has categorically denied ever assaulting Amber.


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