Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp ‘Brainwashed’ Her Into Making Bad Career Choices

Amber Heard Johnny Depp Depression
Amber Heard Drove Johnny Depp Into Depression?
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And there you have it. Amber Heard has spoken and she has left no stone unturned. The ongoing Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Trial is seeing new developments after Amber Heard took the stand. From the very moment she did, she put out statements which painted her as the clear victim in this relationship and not the other way around. She has now come up with new ammunition. Amber Heard claims that the reason her career hit a slump is because of Johnny Depp, who persuaded her that Hollywood is putting her “in a box.”

Johnny Depp – Amber Heard Trial: New Twist In The Tale

Are her allegations true? It seems like the Johnny depp – Amber Heard trial has taken quite an intriguing turn of events.

Amber Heard – Johnny Depp Didn’t Like ‘How [SHE] Dressed’



Amber Heard takes the stand in what looks like the nth day in an infinitely long trial. She immediately goes on the offensive when asked questions about her relationship with Johnny Depp. As the lawyer asks why Amber Heard felt sandboxed by Johnny Depp during their marriage, Heard says Depp used psychological abuse and intimidation tactics to keep her in tow.

Heard Talks About Mystery Sci Fi Project Depp Told Her Not To Do


She was allegedly in talks with a sci-fi writer and she wanted to take the job but Johnny Depp convinced her not to.


“I went to a meeting because it was a project in development with a sci-fi writer. And I remember I wanted to take that. But…. these things, they were just constant. There were just constant fights. But in between them when things were good, Johnny and I, he would be… you know, he would word it to me like, ‘I am trying to look out for you. You say you don’t want to be objectified. You’re doing it to yourself.'”

Amber Heard Explains How Johnny Depp Brainwashed Her


“At first it was because I dressed a certain way or had sex scenes and then it just got more narrow and more narrow and more narrow of what I could do without taking the blame for what the industry, Hollywood – the entertainment industry is putting me in a box and objectifying me. So it became my fault and I believed it. You know, I…. I believed it. I adopted a lot of these changes myself. Not because Johnny said ‘you have to do it this way’ but because of all the things that he said and did. I eventually found myself making decisions about my own career. About how I dressed. How I wore my hair. How I presented. Where my eyes were cast when I walked into the room. And I believed those were my own decisions.”

The Heard-Depp Case Has More Twists & Turns Than The Amazon River
The Heard-Depp Case Has More Twists & Turns Than The Amazon River

Those are some pretty serious allegations. Either Johnny Depp is a mentalist or Amber Heard is really, really gullible.

Are Amber Heard’s Allegations True? Did Johnny Depp Do All Those Things?



It all comes down to whom you chose to believe at the moment. Until the court decides to swerve the case one party’s way, we can only take sides right now. But there have been telltale signs of mutual abuse from both sides here. So there may be a possibility that there is some truth to what Amber Heard is saying.

Amber heard's disturbing incidents with depp at yucca valley penthouse
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Now let us be frank here. We believe Amber Heard has clearly done some f**ked up shit, as revealed by Johnny Depp’s testimony. But it is not upto us to judge and pass out punishment. Only a court of justice can do that. What we do know is that the Heard-Depp trial has revealed, in all its glory, Hollywood’s most toxic relationship ever.

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