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Amber Heard’s Tissue Use in Court Has Fans Convinced She’s Snorting Coke

Amber Heards Tissue Use in Court Has Fans Convinced Shes Snorting Coke

A video of Amber Heard went viral on On Friday, May 6, 2022. It featured a moment of her testimony in the trial of the defamation lawsuit against her. The video went on from the previous day, i.e., the 15th day of the trial. Heard was charged $50 million by Johnny Depp over an alleged defamatory op-ed by her in 2018.

Depp v Heard defamation lawsuit at County Circuit Court in Fairfax
Depp v Heard defamation lawsuit at County Circuit Court in Fairfax

In that video, Heard could be seen sniffing into a suspicious tissue paper. Many believed the actress had taken a sniff of cocaine at that moment. Before her usage of the tissue paper, she was questioned by Judge Penney Azcarate on the evening of May 24, 2014. The topic was about a recording Heard had taken on the flight from Boston.

Netizens allege Amber Heard was consuming cocaine during her testimony

Depp v Heard Lawsuit
Depp vs Heard Lawsuit

About the recording, in that video, Depp can be heard howling. Following Heard’s answer to the question, the actress was seen sniffling with a tissue paper in her nostril. Netizens believe Amber Heard was consuming cocaine during her testimony on Thursday.

Following the live telecast of the trial, many users posted on their social media the clip of Amber Heard’s actions with the tissue paper. In the footage, it was clear that Heard was focused on getting her tissue paper ready. In a few brief seconds, she sniffed the tissue with her left nostril. This was considered suspicious by many on social media who followed the trial.

Many viewers claimed that the 36-year-old could have snorted coke. While many claimed that it was the actress’s alleged vice for cocaine. But others argued she posed for a photograph with the tissue.

The recent theory is also reasonable as a brief flash from a camera could be seen in the video. When she momentarily holds the tissue near her nose. Following the allegations of Heard’s usage of cocaine in the trial, it must also be noted that she had teared up minutes before this instance. However, the moment of her crying was also many minutes before that moment of using the tissue paper, which went viral.

Previously, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s former nurse Erin Falati confirmed in the trial. She had mentioned that the actress suffered from addiction. Falati claimed that the actress had a history of mental disorders. including, bipolar disorder, ADHD, codependency, and insomnia. During her relationship with Depp.

Written by Shreeparna Das