“Amber was going to kill Johnny”: Amber Heard’s Sister Details Terrifying Fight With Johnny Depp

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The defamation case against Johnny Depp and Amber Heard appears to have more twists and turns than a game of snakes and ladders. In her testimony, Heard referred to a stairway confrontation between Kate Moss and her ex-husband when the latter two were dating, before moving on to a similar event between her, Depp, and her sister, Whitney Henriquez, in their Los Angeles penthouse in 2015.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp during the trial
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp during the trial

Henriquez also mentioned the stairway incident, which supported her sister’s narrative, but as she was speaking, a sworn declaration from her former boss and close friend, Jennifer Howell, appeared from Johnny Depp’s 2020 London Libel lawsuit against The Sun.

“Amber was going to kill Johnny”

The ‘Aquaman’ actress said she had never hit Depp, unless when he was ready to shove Henriquez down a staircase. Heard’s sister also spoke in court and defended her sister saying that Heard’s and Depp’s relationship was volatile. “When he was sober, things were wonderful. When he wasn’t sober they were terrible. If he was using or if he was drinking there was almost always a fight.”

Whitney Henriquez - "Amber was going to kill Johnny"
Whitney Henriquez

While narrating the events from March 2015 fight, Whitney said that Amber woke her up late at night and said that Depp was cheating on her. She continued telling that they were calling each other names and then suddenly Johnny came up behind her and sort of struck her in the back. As a consequence of which Amber smacked Johnny and asked him to stay away from Whitney. She also mentioned that their bodyguard witnessed the violent episode too and tried to help “by that time Johnny had already grabbed Amber by the hair with one hand and was whacking her repeatedly in the face with the other.”

Amber Heard with Johnny Depp -"Amber was going to kill Johnny"
Amber Heard with Johnny Depp

In the midst of it all, Whitney Henriquez’s “chosen sister,” Jennifer Howell, had to step out and she revealed that Heard and her sister are manipulating facts since the story she heard was completely different. A statement by Jennifer Howell in the court read, “Whitney told me she tried to stop her sister Amber from hitting [and] attacking Johnny on the stairs. Whitney said when she tried to intervene to stop Amber from going after Johnny, Amber nearly pushed Whitney down the stairs. She told me she was worried Amber ‘was going to kill Johnny.’ She told me she had endured that kind of abuse her entire life, first from her father, and then from Amber, who she said was extremely violent.”


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