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“Amber’s career was already on a downswing”: Amber Heard Has a Bigger Problem After $1 Million Settlement with Johnny Depp

"Amber’s career was already on a downswing": Amber Heard Has a Bigger Problem After $1 Million Settlement with Johnny Depp

Amber Heard was no big star even after she got the role of Mera in Aquaman. Her defamation trial with Johnny Depp only took more from her building career. Her first and perhaps last big role had been alongside Jason Momoa and by the way both fans and celebrities are against her, it would seem difficult for her to get back to what she left.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard during the trial

According to insiders in the industry, it would seem as if her career would not be seeing the rising sun anytime soon and any project she may be planning to do in the future would either not be successful or happen at all. The massive loss she took during her trial with Johnny Depp may have been settled with $1 Million, but the impact it had on the audience may be difficult to recover.

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Amber Heard’s Hollywood Career is Going Down the Toilet

What sources have stated mainly focus on how even before the trial took place, Amber Heard had only been a small-name actress and her recognition came a lot from the people she was associated with. Aquaman’s sequel would be seeing her again regardless of all the rumors pertaining to her role being removed from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom due to her impact on the audience during the Depp vs. Heard Defamation Trial.

amber heard the rum diaries 2
Amber Heard

“I felt that Amber’s career was already on a downswing [before the trial], I don’t think she’ll not work again. But she is not Jennifer Lawrence. And the trial did not help.”

Johnny Depp would not have an easy road ahead of him either, but his career would not completely be destroyed as is. The series of books that the actress wanted to write and publish would not be able to make it either as this series would focus on her version of the trial and story, something that legally due to losing the case, she cannot do anymore.

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What Could Amber Heard’s Future Truly Hold?

The backlash that she had faced since losing the trial has made it impossible for the actress to do anything without facing a series of haters. She moved away, shifted countries, and whatnot but considering that her reputation is down the drain, it would not be far-fetched to presume that she would not be seen in movies and TV shows for a very long time.

amber heard says she still loves johnny depp
Amber Heard with Johnny Depp

A book series explaining her side of the story was a good idea to give a small boost to her deflating career, however, the current response of the fans and audience would make it doubtful for them to even believe what she is saying. Depp’s shadow would be something she would have a very difficult time escaping.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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