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Amidst Henry Cavill Exit Backlash, The Witcher Goes into Extensive Overhaul as 30 Members Reportedly Kicked Out of Franchise

Amidst Henry Cavill Exit Backlash, The Witcher Goes into Extensive Overhaul as 30 Members Reportedly Kicked Out of Franchise

There has been a lot of buzz happening at The Witcher headquarters following Henry Cavill’s controversial exit. Now that the franchise is in a state of chaos after fans revolted against the lead star’s departure, CD Projekt Red’s new video game is facing tremendous problems.

Henry Cavill in Netflix's The Witcher
Henry Cavill in Netflix’s The Witcher

Project Sirius, the upcoming The Witcher spinoff game under development at Molasses Flood studio, just recently removed around 30 members from the production team. This has been confirmed as some employees expressed their disappointment on social media.

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Several Employees Fired Amid The Witcher’s New Game Production

In October 2022, Project Sirius was unveiled to the public as an innovative spin on The Witcher franchise. As of March this year, CD Projekt has supported Molasses Flood and contributed a significant portion to the game’s total cost.

As per PC Gamer, a regularity report was released last week which stated that the studio has completed “work on defining a new framework for Project Sirius.” This sounded like good news until several employees from Molasses Flood started confirming they have been fired from the enterprise. In a statement released by CD Projekt:

Because the project changed, so has the composition of the team that’s working on it – mainly on The Molasses Flood’s side. The concrete number of employees we parted ways with is 21 team members in the US and 8 in Poland (working on the project outside of the US).”

The Witcher Project Sirius
The Witcher

Some employees who were terminated expressed their anguish on social media and, at the same time, took the opportunity to find a new company in need of their service.

There were more than 60 people working tirelessly on Project Sirius, and cutting off 29 employees is a massive impairment to the development team. Since they have been working together for the past year, it would have been difficult to part ways and even hand over their particular jobs to the remaining members.

Project Sirius is only one of the five The Witcher games brewing at CD Projekt. This drastic rearrangement in the organization indicates more changes to the original plan, as the studio demands to reevaluate the game and cut off a huge chunk of production cost. The game developer is yet to reveal the changes they intend to make for the series.

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The Witcher Promises More Game Installments For Fans

The Witcher Game
The Witcher

Along with new projects confirmed for The Witcher franchise, CD Projekt also revealed a trilogy coming under the title Project Polaris. An open-world system game is also overlooking the horizon as the developer plans to release Project Canis Majoris.

Last year, CD Projekt CEO Adam Kiciński revealed during the company’s financial report call their plans for the future of the franchise:

We said that there will be a new saga. Of course, now we are pre-producing the first game of this saga. But we have in mind more than one. The first saga was three games, so now we’re thinking about more than one game. But we are in pre-production on the first game from the second Witcher saga.”

This confirmation of several upcoming The Witcher video games will hopefully appease fans amid adverse reactions to the Netflix series adaptation. The Witcher’s Project Sirius has no release date yet.

Sources: PC Gamer, CD Projekt via YouTube

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