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An Artist Creates 70’s Style Action Figurines Inspired By Marvel Superheroes

“Part of the journey is the end.” …

It’s no doubt that many of us grew up watching individual superheroes.
Whether they were from comic books, cartoons, movies, or in the form of action figures.
The prevalence of the Marvel and the DC universe has not only made superheroes famous.
Still, it has made them a bit certain in modern pop culture.
Which has led both the universes to inspire millions of fans worldwide and has inspired multiple generations of artists, cosplayers, and writers to create their own designs.
Mix matching their favorite character with whatever they want.
Thus giving the character a new look, in the form of various fan-arts, paintings, and whatnot.
Similarly, a sculptor and an action figure designer, named Paul Harding is one such artist who got inspired by both these marvelous universes.
Thus, recently, Paul kicked off a series of superhero designs titled Marvel In The ’70s.
As the name suggests, Paul’s art was an art to see what our beloved Marvel characters would have looked like in the 1970s.
Sounds ferocious…
Have a look at your known.
As we at FandomWire have compiled the list of characters that were the inspiration for Paul to start this fantastic series…
So without much ado, let’s get going.

1. Logan:

2. The Hulk:

3. King T’challa:

4. Doctor Strange:

5. Captain America:

6. Tony Stark:

7. Thor:

8. Bucky Barnes:

9. Spider Man:

10. Iron-Man:

11. Peter Parker:

12. Black Widow:

13. Wolverine:

14. Nick Fury:

15. Black Panther:

16. Shang-Chi:

17. Stan Lee:

Source: Robertas Lisickis

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