An Artist Imagines What These 11 Superheroes Would Do During Quarantine

As we all have seen that this year has been a disaster for all of us.

As the Covid-19, a deadly virus spread across the Globe had killed many people and led all of us in great suffering, pain, and a sense of fear.

With this fear came in a new rule that was applied all around the Earth was that people will be quarantined in their houses for months.

That means there will be no contact with the outside world, and one can only get out if it’s crucial, like buying home essentials and all.

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Thus during this quarantine, an American artist named John Euclid Templonuevo created a fan-art on how our superheroes would have dealt in this situation of national Lock-Down.

John Euclid is also known as arkitekyukli.

One day while he was getting bored at home during the pandemic, he created a series based on how the superheroes would survive during this lockdown and how they are going to help the ordinary people.

Sounds interesting…

Let us hop into it!

11. The Flash Delivery:

10. We Can Do This:

9.Poor Batman:

8. You Can Do It Thor:

7. Bored Spidey:

6. Go Frontliners!!

5. Thor Using His Hammer:

4. Man Of Steel And Iron Man:

3. Captain Rogers Doing His Laundry:

2. Creative Wonderwoman:

1. Catwoman Doing Tiktok:


Source: John Euclid Templonuevo


Written by FandomWire Staff

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