‘An Awful Lot I Wish Was in This Film’: Christian Bale Sounds Upset After Revealing Taika Waititi Cut Thor: Love and Thunder Scenes To Make it family-Friendly

Marvel has always been in the realm of family-friendly content. The highest any MCU film’s rating is PG-13, which is saying a lot considering how easy it is to verge on borderline violence or suggestive humor. It seems Christian Bale also did several scenes which eventually had to be cut in the final draft of the film in the editing room by director Taika Waititi. Read on to find out more:

Christian Bale (right) as Gorr the God Butcher
Christian Bale (right) as Gorr the God Butcher.

When Christian Bale’s scenes had to be cut

Veteran director Taika Waititi has been known to create family-friendly content over his directing years. From a sensitive film like Jojo Rabbit to directing a gritty The Mandalorian episode (Chapter 8: Redemption), Taika has made a vow to create only family-friendly content. A recent interview by Christian Bale (who didn’t know what MCU was before landing Gorr’s role) sheds some light on when Thor: Love and Thunder went a little over the border for family-friendliness that had to be cut in the final draft of the movie.

Christian Bale on the premiere night of Thor: Love and Thunder.

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Speaking to Collider, here’s what Christian Bale had to say when asked the question: Right. So, what are you most looking forward to audiences seeing, or what was something that you saw in this film that you were like, “I can’t believe this is in this film?”

Christian Bale’s answer:

BALE: There’s an awful lot that I wish was in this film, which you can’t have a four-hour long film because there’s so much gold that’s on the cutting room floor, hilarious stuff, and creepy as hell stuff, but that was perhaps pushing it to a realm where maybe it wouldn’t have been able to be family-friendly, which we always wanted it to be.

The Gorr actor continued: “But Taika’s sensibility, the comedy, the tragedy, the ability to have the Taika-ness and the humor of that. But he’s got great sincerity as well. He’s a real artist. And so, man, it’s moving. That is the bloody surprising thing with this film. It’s a very moving film and then two seconds later, you’re laughing your ass off.”

The veteran actor turned Villian

Christian Bale as Batman in The Dark Knight (2008).

Christian Bale is a known veteran actor now with big films under his name such as The Dark Knight, Ford v Ferrari, Exodus: Gods and Kings, and The Prestige. It was also revealed that a spine-chilling scene was removed for Gorr the God Butcher which the fans are not so happy about.

Thor: Love and Thunder released globally to mixed reviews and is currently screening in theaters.

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