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‘Isn’t that her job?’: Ana de Armas Gets Blasted For Having Spanish Accent in Upcoming Marilyn Monroe Biopic Blonde, Fans Ask Not To Play Race Card For Wrong Accent

The Spanish-Cuban actress, Ana de Armas, has been raising up a storm with her recent flurry of big-budget Hollywood productions and her ability to adapt and transform into whatever role she manages to portray. From being a Bond girl to now Marilyn Monroe, Ana de Armas has suddenly become the most sought-after and versatile performer in Hollywood as her latest film Blonde sets to premiere on Netflix.

Ana de Armas - From Bond girl to Marilyn Monroe
Ana de Armas – From Bond girl to Marilyn Monroe

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Ana de Armas Portrays a Fictionalized Marilyn Monroe in Blonde

Adapted from the Joyce Carol Oates novel, the Netflix psychological drama is directed by Andrew Dominik. The movie adaptation sets to portray a highly fictionalized version of the Hollywood icon, Marilyn Monroe, and documents the volatile rise and tragic demise of the global superstar in a narrative capturing the era of the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Ana de Armas Plays Marilyn Monroe in Blonde
Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Monroe in the Netflix movie, Blonde

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The Netflix film, predictably titled Blonde delivers a tortured performance from Ana de Armas who eerily resembles Monroe in the recently released trailer. Even as the morsels of information dropped by the video reveal glamorously recreated moments from the icon’s life, the film has also received some online backlash relating to Blonde‘s mature content and NC-17 rating on Netflix. Fans have been cautious of the film’s subject and while some have been praising Armas’s iconic career-defining performance, others have stated that the film only serves as sexual exploitation of Monroe and her image.

Ana de Armas
Armas’s film, Blonde, recreates the stunning Monroe’s iconic pose

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Fans Criticize Ana de Armas’s Spanish Accent in Blonde

The ability of Ana de Armas to morph into any role surpasses her in the public eye, making her an instant favorite. However, now that subjects like Blonde take the forefront in the narrative of her career, the crowd pays closer attention to the actress’s traits and nuances. One of her signature markers includes the beautifully proud Spanish accentuation that she speaks in.


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However, Blonde is symbolic of American singer and actress, Marilyn Monroe, and no matter how fictionalized the Netflix adaptation is, it seems that fans have not been able to get over the retention of Armas’s Spanish accent in Marilyn Monroe’s depiction. At the same time, others have defended her brilliant performance and ruled out any comments relating to her accent as xenophobic.

Blonde premieres on Netflix on 23 September 2022.

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