Ancient One vs Hela: Who Wins This Epic Battle Of Cosmic Magic?

We are sure the title has got you thinking already. Hela easily brings herself into the top villains of the Marvel universe. She’s extremely powerful, and it’s tough to imagine anybody else having a shot at winning against her; after all, she outpowered Thor too. Fans love epic battles between heroes and villains. And when the opponents are as powerful as these two are, it has to be an epic one. So fans have been discussing the possibility of Ancient One vs. Hela and who could possibly win. While we are on it, who do you think would win an epic battle of cosmic magic between Ancient One vs. Hela? How about we break this down for you?

Ancient One:

In the movies, she’s the Sorcerer Supreme and the leader of the Masters of the Mystic Arts. We saw how incredibly powerful she was and how she helped Dr. Strange heal and gave him new hope. She saved the Earth from many dangerous beings like Dormammu until one of her students, Kaecilius, turned towards the Dark powers. 

Ancient One
Ancient One

When Kaecilius and Zealots stole a few pages of the Book of Cagliostro that would have helped them summon power from the dark dimension and help Dormammu come to Earth, they fled to London Sanctum instead of fighting her. There, she fought them all alone using her immense knowledge and jaw-dropping skills. She warped reality by creating a Mirror dimension, and her Tao Mandalas were used to behead a couple of Zealots. Of course, Kaecilius could not win the fight, so he fled the scene with the remaining Zealots. 

Ancient One vs Kaecilius

She can evidently send the other person into an entirely different universe or dimension. In Doctor Strange, she did the same with Strange while arguing with her over her methods. Not only did she separate his astral form from his body, but she also sent him through the multiverse.

The Ancient One's Relationship With Doctor Strange Revealed

Only a powerful and highly skilled sorcerer can create the Mirror Dimension. The Sorcerer Supreme can’t only create a Mirror Dimension; she can manipulate it on her will and get out of it using Sling Rings. Since she draws her powers from the Dark dimension, her abilities grow more in the Mirror Dimension. And while she draws her powers, Dormammu could never corrupt her and make her lose her mind. She was always mindful of what she was doing.



Hela’s physical strength was on display for more than one instance and boy, did she win! She is Odin’s firstborn and was Asgard army’s commander and executioner. She is brutal and ambitious. During their battles, Hela wielded Mjolnir and her Necrosword. 

Hela with Mjolnir
Hela with Mjolnir

In Thor: Ragnarok, Hela is set free after Odin’s death, the opportunity she had been waiting for for thousands of years. She met Thor and Loki and the first glimpse of her powers and cut the grounds from under Thor’s feet by crushing Mjolnir with ONE hand. She outpowered him more than once, that too, single-handedly (quite literally). When Thor and Valkyrie charged at her with swords and attacks, she easily blocked them by just using her arms and also survived Thor’s biggest lightning blasts. 

Hela crushes Mjolnir
Crushes Mjolnir

We have also seen her wield the deadliest of weapons on her will and is breathtakingly fast. She dodged so many attacks at once that could’ve potentially killed her, including Asgardians’ bullets with her cape. Also, her bloodlust spares no one, be it her brothers or fellow Asgardians.

Hela vs. Ancient One

Ancient One vs. Hela

Ancient One vs Hela
Ancient One would win

Yes, Hela is skilled, fast, and most potent; her powers come from Asgard. Now that Asgard is destroyed, we are not sure about her powers. There are numerous ways Ancient One can outpower her since she is the most experienced (700 years) and knows her magic very well. She can send and imprison her in the Mirror Dimension. Or, just like Dr. Strange did with Loki, she can make Hela fall for more than 30 minutes. Clearly, the Ancient One is more experienced and superior with her skills; Hela wouldn’t stand a chance against her. And since, we don’t think Hela can travel across dimensions on her own, she would be trapped.

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