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“And I was thinking, How the hell?”: After Refusing to Work in Henry Cavill’s Movie, Tom Cruise Impressed the Man of Steel Star on Their Second Meeting

"And I was thinking, How the hell?": After Refusing to Work in Henry Cavill's Movie, Tom Cruise Impressed the Man of Steel Star on Their Second Meeting

Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise have their own separate fanbase that are massive individually, let alone together. While the two worked together in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, it was not their first time meeting. Although there are a lot of controversial opinions about Cruise, Cavill stands outside of them. His impression of the actor is unlike the rumors and comments. For him, the actor is precious and very kind.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

Both the actors have a unique style in acting but when merged together, the star power is unmatched. This has often supported the idea of how well they mix together and how both of them enjoy each other’s company. However, their first encounter did not go as well as Cavill would have hoped.

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Henry Cavill Took Tom Cruise’s Role

Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise’s movie together gained a lot of praise and fans were immediately in awe of how wonderful the two worked together. However, Mission: Impossible – Fallout was not supposed to be their first movie with each other. Henry Cavill had initially auditioned for the role of Illya Kuryakin in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Tom Cruise was supposed to play the role of Napoleon Solo. He was even offered the script and both the actors gathered at Cruise’s house to read it.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

“And I sat down on his sofa, we had a lovely chat. He was pleasant, as everyone says he is. We had a conversation, did a bit of a reading, that was it. Job done. I left. Turns out Tom Cruise is no longer making Man From U.N.C.LE.. He moves on to Mission Impossible.”

Cavill concurred how they were both mixing very well and were able to read lines rather naturally. Once the reading was done, the actor left and that was it. He did not hear from Cruise again and learned that he had rejected the script as well. Then Armie Hammer took the role of Illya Kuryakin and Cavill takes up Cruise’s role as Napoleon Solo.

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Henry Cavill Was Suprised Tom Cruise Remembered Him

Henry Cavill later reunited with Tom Cruise on the set of Mission: Impossible – Fallout. The movie became a masterpiece, loved by many, but the experience the former had with the latter was something he could never forget.

Henry Cavill in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

“And then [Tom Cruise] started reeling off and firing points about our discussion that we had at his house a year plus ago which I didn’t even remember. And I was thinking, ‘How the hell?’”

When Cavill met Cruise again, he was utterly surprised that he remembered the actor, let alone the fact that he could piece together their first conversation from more than a year ago. He was able to pinpoint how they conversed, what they discussed,  and how he had in mind things even the Man of Steel star had long forgotten. That was when the actor understood that the Top Gun star remembered and observed everything. He is someone who would listen and respect what the other co-stars say.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is now streaming on Netflix.

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