“The Largest Technical Leap You’ll Have Ever Seen”: Big Claims and Promises from Xbox Regarding their Next Console

Something big is brewing in the Xbox shop.

"The Largest Technical Leap You'll Have Ever Seen": Big Claims and Promises from Xbox Regarding their Next Console


  • Four Xbox-exclusive games will be going multiplatform.
  • Microsoft is working on a next generation roadmap too.
  • Xbox One is currently the company's bestselling console today.
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The latest Xbox podcast has promised a lot of things that might up the excitement among the community. Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s gaming chief, appeared quite health-conscious about the console as he kept emphasizing the long-term health of the platform. The company’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard in October 2023 has surely added muscle to its gaming segment.


With the deal successfully sealed, it could be a matter of time before it becomes a dominating force in the gaming industry. But that is a talk for another article. Microsoft President Sarah Bond appeared enthusiastic about the future of hardware as it continues to grow in the market.

New Xbox Console Must Outsell PlayStation

Xbox Series X/S sold 7.6 Million units in 2023
Xbox Series X/S sold 7.6 Million units in 2023

About things to be unveiled, Sarah revealed that more things will be announced this holiday and how this will be the next big thing. She said during the podcast that,


There’s some exciting stuff coming out in hardware that we’re going to share this holiday. And we are also invested in the next generation roadmap. And what we’re really focused on there, is delivering the largest technical leap you will have ever seen in a hardware generation, which makes is better for players and better for creators and the visions they’re builing.

However, players must be feeling a bit disappointed as Phil cleared the air of rumors regarding games coming on PlayStation. Indiana Jones and Starfield are not joining this queue but will remain exclusive to Xbox only. But it doesn’t mean it only has to be this way and they may go multiplatform as nothing regarding the games’ future was discussed.

Details on what or how the next console will be are thin on the ground but it must outsell PlayStation when it comes to keeping things even. Financial Times, a British daily business newspaper reported that PS5 sold 22.5 Million units globally last year in contrast to just 7.6 Million units sold by Xbox Series X/S combined.

Console Wars To Go Bigger

New PlayStation might be under development.
A new PlayStation might be under development.



It should be harbored that Sony could deploy the new PlayStation hardware as a part of this competition. PlayStation 6 might be a good strategy for the company as PS5 sales surprisingly failed to meet the anticipated numbers. Business news provider Bloomberg reports that the company also expects a further decline in sales.

Based on a 2021 job listing, users began speculating a new console is under development. It should be safe to assume that the potential cost of the console may reach as much as $600. The current Sony PlayStation costs around $500.

If both companies release their new consoles at the same time, it will surely add tension to the console wars. What do you think is this ‘biggest technical leap’ about? Tell us in the comments.


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