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“And then I get touched by Hugh Jackman, I had no idea”: Jennifer Lawrence Has a Surprising Take on One of the Most Embarrassing Moments in her Career

Jennifer Lawrence revealed there are more embarrassing things than stumbling at the Academy Awards.

The X-Men star Jennifer Lawrence made her Hollywood comeback with her recent film Causeway. The actress was last seen in the 2021 film Don’t Look Up. Lawrence reportedly took a small break from her acting career after the 2021 film. She has also produced Causeway along with Justine Polsky. While working in Hollywood the American actress has become one of the most successful Hollywood stars.

Jennifer Lawrence in Causeway
Jennifer Lawrence in Causeway

The Red Sparrow star has received several Academy Award nominations. She won her first Oscar for the 2012 film, Silver Linings Playbook. However, winning the Oscar for being the best actress was not the only memorable thing that happened to The Hunger Games star.

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Jennifer Lawrence Had No Idea Hugh Jackman Tried to Help Her

Jennifer Lawrence made several headlines when she won the Academy Award for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. However, one detail that was mentioned everywhere was her stumbling on stairs on her way to the stage.

As she stumbled people came to help her and one of them was Hugh Jackman. The Mother! star was unable to notice or thank him for his help. Lawrence later apologized and thanked the Wolverine actor for helping her.

Jennifer Lawrence at the 85th Academy Awards
Jennifer Lawrence at the 85th Academy Awards

“I think that is probably gonna go out there. But I heard that Hugh Jackman help me up. I had no, I didn’t know. I had no idea. So that kind of like, anybody makes fun of me I’m like yeah and then I got touched by Hugh Jackman.”

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The Passengers star managed the incident well and received her award. She shared that she was not comfortable talking about it in almost every interview she did after that. But the actress surprisingly handled the situation well.

Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, and Michael Fassbender
Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, and Michael Fassbender

Jennifer Lawrence played Mystique in the 2011 X-Men: First Class. Although Hugh Jackman did have a cameo in the film, Lawrence and Jackman did not appear together in the film.

As the Real Steel star is one of the most popular stars in Hollywood, the Serena star said that whoever asked about the incident, she would tell them that Hugh Jackman touched her and she was fine.

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Jennifer Lawrence War Nervous to Work With Hugh Jackman

After featuring as Mystique in X-Men: First Class, Jennifer Lawrence reprised her role in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The actress worked with the star cast including Halle Berry, Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart, and Hugh Jackman.

The Don’t Look Up star has mentioned that she was sweating when the Logan star came on the set. “I got to shoot with Hugh Jackman, the original Wolverine,” she said on Good Morning America. “I started sweating when he came on set.”

Hugh Jackman with Jennifer Lawrence
Hugh Jackman with Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence and Jackman have a good relationship. The Prisoners star has praised the actress saying that she is not only one of the most talented actors he has met but is also one of the most authentic. He also mentioned that she does not have any sort of ego and is very down to earth.

The Dive star is known for being polite and humble toward others and her fans also appreciate that. Following her recent film, she is set to star in Gene Stupnitsky’s No Hard Feelings, which is set to release on June 16, 2023.

Jennifer Lawrence’s latest film Causeway is available to stream on Apple TV+.

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